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Some backstory…

The time is now… I have been running my own business for years now… Since 2004, I have run and owned multiple different businesses. It is a beautiful thing to work for one’s self. It is very freeing, but it must be taken seriously because it rests on you just how successful you can or will be. I have worked very hard while I was going through school at the University of Texas and trying to be a strong influence for my daughter. All these things in themselves take a significant amount of dedication and determination. You must fully commit. I was fully committing to them all…sometimes when you over commit, it is your own body, mind, and soul that suffers a little…. sometimes more than a little. I gave all I had all the time. It was important…It all was important. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to be a good dad. I wanted to further my education because I had dreams of being a great psychologist one day.

I made deals and became partners with multiple people on several different business ventures throughout the years…. many of them were less fruitful than had been anticipated. Sadly, the ones that bore the most fruit, were with the wrong people and business fizzled out because of lack of ambition and drive. I have made money, lost money, and learned more than I ever thought I would have. I have built businesses only to watch them crumble…I am a new person with a new vision and a whole lot of wisdom and passion driving me now. I am taking my company, Bayless Enterprises, in a new direction.

Some experience…

I have helped build multiple businesses, some were mine, some were for others. I have helped coach people to their potential success in business as well as their personal lives. I have a background in psychology as that was a passion of mine since I was a high school student and began reading many books and continued to learn more and more about why we are the way we are and why we think the way we do. It has been quite the journey, and that journey is far from over. I have written and analyzed aspects of business as well as behavior for years now. These things are all things I have had a passion for. I have learned how to sync them all together as they truly feed off one another.

The future…

I am looking forward to a new era with Bayless Enterprises beginning here and now in 2019. I want to not only redirect my own success but reach out to others and help them reach their full potential and reach for something greater than what they have. We were not meant to settle for mediocrity. We all have the potential for greatness. We just must be willing to tap into that special something that we have a passion for and the drive and determination to continue to strive for it until we reach it…and then reach for more.

I had a friend ask me one day, “If we are living the dream today, what are we going to do tomorrow?”

I simply responded, “I’m a good ‘ol Texas boy. You go home tonight and dream bigger.”

It can always get bigger…Never settle. Join me my friends…. we can all learn a few things from each other.

All in all…I leave you with two words…. Get Cocky