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Look, the reality is that the Game has some serious points in his response and I respect it when he speaks on the continued issues with what many think to be fair within the Grammy’s. For Ye to be banned based on his online behavior… Come on, seriously, he has always had erratic online behavior and in light of everything going on in his life right now with his ex-wife and kids can absolutely take a toll on a man. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to lay all the fault on one side. Kim & Ye both had faults which contributed to where things are. This is a man who has been 100% open about his mental issues and struggles and he’s put it all out there again and again to try use it as a strength and not allow it to be his weakness. I can respect him for his efforts. It does get the best of him at times, but he is handling it the way he knows how.

For the Grammy’s to ban him based on this is absurd. Rappers and artists have beef with people all the time. My man 50 straight up stirs up beef with someone if it’s been a minute since he had one. He enjoys it. It’s part of how things go…

The Game even compares what the Grammy’s is doing to gaslighting and I don’t think he’s reaching. I will however say that comparing him to Kaepernick really takes away from his argument. Ye & Kaep are not the same. Ye fought and fought and has built something from nothing. Kaep is ultimately a big baby.

I know those words are gonna hit a little harshly… Let me elaborate… It was one thing when he took a knee. It was another when he continued to change his story of why he took a knee… (Kinda discredits your movement when you can’t keep your story 100) It was a completely different situation when he claimed to have been training for months and the hosted his NFL tryout for coaches and scouts to come and watch his drills and see if they would sign him…Now those who haven’t truly been following the story, let me enlighten you… He claimed all over social media to be training so hard for these drills that the NFL scouts were coming to watch him to see he was still valuable and could be signed by someone even though his stats grew weaker and weaker every season after his rookie season… It actually made the news… There were so many that were covering the story that Kaep was gonna get signed and there were several teams that had representatives eager to check out his drills only for him to decide to cancel at the last minute and reschedule. When he rescheduled at the last minute, the teams lost interest… The fault lays solely on him at this point. He had teams ready to sign him. There are only so many teams out there and so many positions available. Everyone wants to make him out to be this victim. There are much more talented players sitting at home watching the games or have started their own businesses and such because there wasn’t an NFL team available to sign them for the money they wanted or need or whatever.
Kaep doesn’t work like Ye and has given many of his own opportunities. Ye has created opportunities when others said there was nothing there. When he was told his first single couldn’t be done, he said it’s the way I’ll go… When he was in debt and struggling to get Yeezy off the ground, he fought for every inch. When people have questioned him, called him crazy, mocked, ridiculed, and otherwise berated him on his every turn, he has continued to fight.

For me, the Grammy’s don’t have grounds for their ban on him. But, I’ll also say that The Game, I got mad respect for you, dawg… But bringing Kaep into a conversation about Ye only loses the momentum and discredits the stance that Ye is being done wrong.

No shade thrown over here… Just your boy’s insight. Till next time, keep getting it done.