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She gave my mind a shimmy

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Chaos
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Never knowing when it’ll come
All contemplation becomes undone
If only I knew what’s next to come
I got to get me some
Break out this pen and pad
Gotta get it all out
Here we go, I’m about to shout
As it dances upon my shiny tongue
From my lips your ears will be hung
With my ears wide open
She spoke for me to listen
As the words from her mouth they did fall
My preponderance did consider
Consider consider, consider them all
To new direction they did lead
For what’s next on her lips I must heed
With my dear new friend
Our future sees no end
With her near and dear to my heart
From my thoughts she shall never part
Her constant whispers in my ear they do sing
Through the halls of my mind they continually ring
Forgetting where it all started
Recollecting where we’ve been
The breathe flows from her lips still parted
Enticing the flow from my glittery pen
Breaking through all conformity
Knocking down any barrier
To see it unfold is oh so pretty
These words that flow own to the presence of her
Starring at this black and white
Scratches here scratches there
What once was there I do not care
Deep inside thoughts and ideas continue to burn
To what end…time will have its turn
For what comes next will fuel the fire
Stimulating my inner desire
The spinning ideas grow exponentially
Whilst I sit and ponder
To what next dare I wonder
As my pen it continues to bleed
Planting yet another seed
These words I tell you you must heed
For their message you do need
From the bottom of my creativity I’m a scraper
I…I…I just need…another sheet of paper