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You ever realize how hard it is to get a good selfie…of course you do… because we are in the digital age and an era in which everyone has a cellular device at the tip of their fingers and feel the desire to capture everything…

but sometimes what is amazing is the pictures never posted or sent anywhere as you just capture something beautiful …something pure …


If we are to find ourselves in conflict over thought; allow it to be your thought not someone else’s. When you spend your time in conflict fighting for what you believe in, that is noble and should be respected. When you spend your time in conflict over someone else’s right to appreciate some else, your breathe and words fall on deaf ears, and you make no progress. Spend more time on the idea and less time on the man.
All men are flawed — ideas are where progress is made.

Just stimulating thought…

Far too frequently this question, we find ourselves asking…ourselves… but how often do we actually really think about it? “What are we doing here?”
Well, that could have so many different meanings….most of which don’t come close to the reality of where we need to be delving. With that being said, let’s take a whack at it…
I think I will find myself reevaluating this question again at a later date…but for now, I would like to utilize this particular question to refer to the four letter word that so many of deal with on a daily basis but give not nearly enough thought to… WORK
What are we doing here?….Many of us have a job. What is a job? Well, a place for us to go four, five, six times a week and go through the motions of many tasks that we become accustom to in order to earn the much needed paycheck. This is an entirely underrated thing, as it is what keeps the rest of us complacent with our many much taken for granted luxuries. If we did not have baristas, we would not be able to get our much needed coffee on the way to our work…we would have to actually wake up in the morning a little early and make our own…and then it just wouldn’t even be quite as good…or would it. Now, as I previously mentioned, all of these jobs are important (maybe not to you…but to someone). While a barista is a quite an important job to many people who feel they desperately need them in their lives (and who am I to argue their needs)…who many baristas feel that they need the job they are doing opposed to the previously mentioned, paycheck. So, what’s my point… The thing is that we need to take a moment and seek fulfillment in what we do. Wait…scratch that…. it is isn’t fulfillment that we need to seek…that is wrong…but that may be what some may see it as if not just a paycheck. We need to ask ourselves what are we doing here? Are we contributing something to the society around us? Are we actually furthering our own path, whatever that path may be…whether it be spiritual, monetary, or security…is this building towards our future? Are we really doing something that truly suites our passion? Some people truly have a passion for coffee; that is awesome. Let’s take it to the next level for a second…if you have a passion for coffee and are pleased to be a barista serving the beautifully delicious and decadent drink you find so much pleasure in filling your cup with on a daily basis to others and watching as they take that first sip, that is beautiful and good for you. I am happy to know that you have found that…but could there be more? Of course, there could be more.
Does this particular job bring you fulfillment on any other levels? Do you have a future doing what you are doing? I truly hope that you do…especially if you have such a passion for it….all people should be so lucky. Is it financially viable? Is this market that you find yourself in going to be fruitful in the long term? Of course…it;s coffee! Everyone loves coffee and they are loving it more today than they ever did…And you may feel that whatever it is that you do, you can say the same thing…maybe you are right. A job needs to be more than that. You need to be learning a skill or knowledge any level…never rest easily in the spot that you find yourself as that spot may one day cease to exist. You need to never stop seeing the opportunities to grow and achieve more.
I think I have diverted from where I was intending to go initially…but maybe that is my point in this whole rant anyways….where you find yourselves may not be where you intended to be nor may it be where you were meant to be. Don’t settle for where you are no matter how great it may seem. There is always something more out there. Not just in your job…but in everything you do. Be ambitious. Be audacious.
You spend far too many hours at your job every week to allow them to not be propelled by the proper motivations.

On that note…Have a nice day at work.

~Corey B.

Anyone who has known me for a minute or two, knows that I am a die hard Cheesehead. I am a truly devoted fan and have been since I was about 3 or 4…I was lucky enough to have chosen one of the greatest sports teams that organized sports have ever known or seen…. I have also been blessed to have lived through an amazing era…I watched Mike Holmgren, Bret Favre, Donald Driver, Jennings, Ahman Green, Sterling Sharpe, Reggie White, Clay Matthews, David Bakhtiari, Aaron Rodgers, and Mike McCarthy….

Being a huge Packer fan, I follow multiple Packer forums so I can keep up the latest updates and stay involved with other fans and what is going on…On several forums, I have listened to many fellow so-called Cheeseheads bash on McCarthy for some time now, and it truly rubs me the wrong way… Putting aside the fact that I actually like McCarthy, lets just evaluate the abundance of disrespect that these whining fans are showing to our great organization…It is just ridiculous. All these couch surfing, wannabe coaches talking all the trash about play calling and who we should’ve drafted or shouldn’t have traded and so on and so on….just get a reality check to the fact that there is a significant reason that you are watching football from your couch instead of from the sidelines…you aren’t an expert. Big shocker…many of you thought you were…many of you will disregard what I am saying and assume that you still are an expert…so sad when people are that clueless. We are privileged enough to be fans of the greatest team in football…Be proud…be thankful…and show respect. Trust in our team and the administration and personnel; there is a reason they are there and you are not.

All in all, I have grown tired of the ungrateful whiny fans. Stay strong and cheer our boys on in the rough times just as we do in the good times. They struggle far less than they bring us victory. They deserve better from us as fans.

Regarding McCarthy, I truly believe he is a great innovative coach. I do not believe he is the cause for our recent struggle, but it is his responsibility to change and adapt to challenges and problems to keep our team rising to Greatness where we belong. HE has done so in many cases over the last 13 years with the Packers…when he decided to go with running back by committee opposed to have an actual starter…very cool and creative. When we had all three of our running backs injured and he decided to try out Ty Montgomery at running back which he proved to be a great asset to the team in as a versatile threat. Then the next season, he decided to keep Ty listed as a receiver as to afford them the opportunity to find other players that can be signed to fill those running back spots while Ty can still run the ball as a receiver. These are just a few of the recent creative ways he has been there for our team. Not to mention the endless practices with Aaron Rodgers throwing the impossible throws and practicing being extremely calculated in the receivers catching the ball outside and dragging their feet inside and Aaron throwing the ball without ever having looked at the player or even in that direction…So many write how Aaron Rodgers is extremely lucky or he is a God to football…He is neither.  He is extremely talented, but he is also well trained…he practices the so called Hail Mary and the outside throws and even the plays that appear to the fans at home to be broken plays, even Aaron has said himself in several interviews…”We practice that play all the time.”

Mike McCarthy is a great coach and will be missed with the Packers….with that being said, I am a true Cheesehead and will stand by my Packers. I trust that they know what they are doing and that is why I am at home watching them. I wish McCarthy all the best. And no doubt, the Pack is only facing these obstacles for a moment as they are on their way back to the top where they rightfully belong…Go Pack! GO!!! …..SuperBowl Bound