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Think Different….

Posted: August 8, 2021 in Uncategorized

It is time to start thinking differently…

You have already heard it before…probably many times… Defined insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result… Oddly enough, this is similar to experimental design but that is a discussion for another day…

No matter what it is you are trying to do in your life, you’ve got to start thinking different. Do not change who you are, change how you think about the process.

Sometimes it helps to get a new environment, atmosphere, just an overall vibe to how you are letting your mind wander… Then begin to think differently and marinate on what is next. Really allow your thoughts to permeate in your mind and be sure you know what it is you are reaching for and what is driving you in this direction. Know your purpose.

Let me ask a simple question that sadly too few of you will have an answer to… “What is it you want?”

Now take this for what it is… Your boy over here is a business coach/consultant and a life coach… What is it you are lacking right now?

No matter how good things are, there is more for you.. Let’s get it poppin’

Marinate tonight and truly give the necessary amount of time to truly think about what it is you want and I’ll hit you back in the am… and we’ll go to work… Let’s get it done.

I hope you’re ready for some tough love…

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” 1 Corinthians 13

Take a moment to marinate on what you see on social media amongst your nieces, nephews, your own children, …ultimately, the younger generation. There is a solid reason why may of you choose to not follow them or they choose not follow you. It is not a lack of love and desire to be distant. It is about a gap in age groups which also should offer a gap in maturity, It is true, it happens. You don’t want to be on there with the younger teenagers venting and complaining about how hard life is when they have truly not even yet experienced life…am I right?…You know I am.

Now, take a moment to marinate on what your peers are posting, your brothers, sisters, friends, coworkers, and even yourself…

At this point, is it really much different than the younger generation? Sad to say, it rarely is. Social media has become flooded with nonsense and complaining about life and problems. Yes, life has problems…that will never change. If you got it in your head that life would be easy, so sad how misguided you have been. And for all my fellow Christians out there with this idea that the Christians are being attacked and persecuted…This has truly gotten out of hand…not only are they not nearly as persecuted as they once were, but if you are well read in the Bible, you should be aware that being a Christian was never said to be easy… Just ask Peter. But taking things to the level that we sit and complain and bicker and attack one another on social media when we are so bold and brave behind a keyboard is not hwta God intended for us. That is not serving Him.

“Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.” Psalm 55:22

“Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.” Isaiah 41:10

Getting on social media whether you are a Christian or not and venting all of your problems is not the way… unless you are 15…. That is what you do when you are a child. It is time to grow up and get past all of this. Sadly, I look at some of my family members who happen to be in the younger generation and they are not posting all the whining… It is coming more from the older crowd than the younger which is just so sad.

Let’s take an opportunity to allow ourselves to marinate with our thoughts and then try counting our blessings before we begin to get online and vent and point fingers. It just doesn’t do any good doing things that way.

“Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream.” -Colin Powell

That’s real talk right there… I meant to get this posted the other day but it just didn’t happen… My apologies to those who were anticipating it and thanks to all who have stayed tuned in…

Let’s get down to it…

Who is you surround yourself with is so much more important than people tend to understand. I have literally posted things before about people minding their circle, and these were not always received well. People made comments about me being superficial or only carrying about money or not having my priorities right… This is all laughable to me.
The kicker was those who were so quick to defend their station in life stating things like “material possessions aren’t important to me” or “I’m happy with my friends and don’t need more out of life as I have all I want”

Those are cute “Hallmark” answers but they’re all meaningless. If they were true, they wouldn’t need to be said. There are many things in life that must be explained but lots of things shouldn’t have to be and when they are, they tend be explained just as a sense of overcompensation for a need of validity. Or just because the particular individual needs to reassure (or lie to) themselves. It is sad to see such a lack of self awareness but it is a common situation.

It is human nature to to correct the cognitive dissonance one has in their own mind by continuing to try to convince themselves that what they have is what they want….obviously.

So, we’ll move on from that for now… I can divulge more on that in a later blog.

Tonight, I want to give some tips on your circle. Of course there are people in our lives that have just happened to be there out of convenience…. a college friend, an old co-worker, a random acquaintance… People that otherwise you may have little even in common with, but they tend to stay there just because they have been there for so long. This is not a bad thing… It is a part of life. The problem is when this becomes the norm. When all of your primary circle are merely people who have positioned themselves there only by accident and with no intention of growth.

This is where things may begin to touch a nerve with some of you…if it does, GOOD. You are obviously the one I am speaking to.

Your circle should begin to become smaller as you grow older and wiser…but not just smaller, but should begin to be a circle with intent. You should be positioning yourself in a spot with those around you who want to lift you up and propel you forward, not those who wish to stifle you because you are different. Those in my main circle may not all think like me or have similar goals in their lives but what they do have is an unending level of support for me and where I am going. Some of them are going to give all they can to help me get where I’m going. Some are going to join me on my journey. The others may not be on a similar path as me, but they have my back, one hundred, and will always support me. That is the way it should be, and you could ask any one of them, they all know with out question, that I will ride with them to the end and beyond.

I bring something to the table with them and they all know that we in it together. I am a firm believer that God did not out us here to walk this world alone… He had intention and that intention involved community. But who is in that community is where I get a little more particular about the situation. You have to be mindful about who you surround yourself with.

So to end back at the quote from the beginning, those who are intended for your circle are those who will help push you towards more than you ever thought you would be going after while others… will smother and crush your spirit and motivation towards all the greatness that you are heading towards. Some will do it because they can’t understand what you are going after and others are bitter about their own situation…

No matter the reason or even if it is subconscious, they aren’t the problem because they aren’t in control. You are, and you choose to allow them to push you forward or break you down.

I find myself in this late hour trying to contemplate what has brought me here and what ever shall I speak on as I feel I have this inner desire to write, but am unsure of where it is going at this point… Stay with and pay close attention as it may get a little convoluted.

As Colton, my youngest has spent the last 3 day running fever and coughing uncontrollably, I have attempted in all my efforts to be a good daddy and be at his side. He is only six and such a warrior that he takes very little if any medicine. He is like his grandma, my Mom who was a soldier the likes of which this world had never seen. So fierce and strong for which pain did not hurt…not because pain wasn’t real, but rather she had mind-control over her pain like a green-beret or the fiercest of marines. I look at Colton and know she would be so proud. He is soldier and a warrior just like her. Just like her, he is an inspiration to me all the time… but I digress…. just bragging about my amazing boy.

So, I have found myself trying to be here for him and also keeping a close eye on him while he sleeps as he has struggled with coughing fits… and made time to play and hang out with Corey II who is 7. Just my luck that Kimberly has been stacked up with work…they are short nurses and she has been working an insane amount of hours… the last two days she has pulled between 12-13 hours and then today, she worked over 15…

It has been quite the week to say the least. I find myself running on the littlest of fumes have slept less than 6 hours in the last 95 hours… and now after having a drank a couple of Nos throughout the day and then sitting down to fill a few orders while I watch my little boys doze off in the living room where I can work yet keep a close eye while they sleep, I sat and had a nice long discussion my brotha from anotha motha…

Amidst trading, filling orders, watching my boys, we dove into where we really were with some things…. I also just finished finished a bottle of wine while on mere moments of sleep… I know that I was truly insightful. This is something I recommend to you all on a more regular basis and by “you all”, I also refer to myself as making time for you and your Fam to truly reflect on things and discuss, you give such opportunity for room to grow and learn from each other as well as build one another up. God did not put us here to walk alone. We are here together… You’ve got to find your die or die homies that will take it to the mat for you every day. Once you have found them, which I promise will be few… you’ve got to always be 100 with them… nothing but honest all the time and allow them the same freedom with you. We need that freedom and need to hear what they have to lay down also. We have to keep each other in check.

We all have flaws and are broken at times… Be open to your own brokenness and not just allow but encourage them to help decipher your shortcomings. They also need to be there to elevate you and propel you forward as you must also do for them.

People have always told me that I am such a positive person but the things is that I am aware of many of my faults and don’t allow them to break me.. I just work on them. I am also very well aware of all the blessings in my life so dwelling on how life has fallen short or hasn’t turned out this way or that just seems silly to me. It isn’t positive, it is realistic. I am blessed, and I know it!

Count your blessings and share them with those around you.

It is an ideology that is so frequently never even contemplated… People continue to reach for something, maybe something not too big… Maybe something that may even seem big, but something that at the core appears to be something of such simplicity, that why can it not be attained…

Well, there in lies the challenge. The acceptance that it can not be attained. First, we must stop accepting that things can not be attained and then we must propel ourselves forward towards greatness…

And that is the second key, …Greatness. Stop attempting to settle for such a simplistic idea when you can reach out and grab onto so much more. Take a moment to really think about that one. If you can think bigger, you can have bigger, and that bigger can likely encompass what you used to feel was so simple and yet you were being denied…It can all be yours.

Stop holding yourself back. It is all there for you. You must be willing to reach out and grab it! Think bigger.

Get Cocky

Sometimes, we just need to talk to someone new…someone we may have not spoken to in a while… just to get fresh insight, to get things poppin’.
See, your boy like to keep things fresh, but I also love to keep things movin’.
I always say if you’re sitting still, then you’re doing it wrong. Are you with me? Are you ready? Are you motivated?…
If you aren’t, maybe the problem lies within you… and you only need a new perspective to help get it out.
You just need that fresh vibe… I encourage you to reach out to an old friend, a cousin, one of you homies from back in the day or maybe engage someone new, someone who may be a colleague or someone you encounter on the regular but never realized that they may be the missing puzzle piece to unlock what you’ve been trying to get out.

I feel as though I have been revitalized and motivated in a new direction as of late… I hope you still ridin’ with your boy

Things are about to blow up… Let’s get there

This is a real thing that is overlooked with new to the game entrepreneurs. It seems in my experience many fall into this rhythm of neglecting their own salary. When you launch a company, there is this period in which you are giving all you’ve got to the business and taking nothing because it is more important to grow and develop the business and be sure it is fruitful before you begin to pick your piece. But that is that… a period, a moment… if you get your business up and running and thriving, then it is a brief time… You grow and develop and then you get paid.

When you neglect to set these things right in a reasonable time period, it gets to the point where it can get away from you. You can end up working for your business, never having your business work for you.

I ran a business years ago with a partner and we just couldn’t quite get to the level we wanted to be at; we had this idea that if we just kept pouring all the money back into the business, we would get it to grow… Truth was that the business was doing well but not nearly reaching it’s potential. Because we weren’t paying ourselves a wage or salary, we had to continue to keep jobs and work contract labor and have other side hustles to keep money in our pockets. We would get big payouts and pay some bills and then put the rest back into the business. Then we kept our feet moving trying to keep up with other hustles and contract labor here and there. Looking back, we learned that the fact was that we should have left some money in our pockets and not put everything back into the business. We should’ve had a little left in our pockets for us to live…then we would not have needed to hustle for extra cash elsewhere; this would have given us much more time and opportunity to capitalize on the business we had growing and help it to be much more productive. It is an incredibly delicate balance.

I’ve learned a lot from my experiences. This is something that is hard to understand completely by most until you are actually in it. So many have the right idea by focusing on the investment into their business opposed to allowing pride or greed get in the way. Again, there is a balance to this… Although their heart is in the right place, all things in business need be driven with mindful calculations. I say calculations with firm emphasis because although there isn’t an algorithm that you can plug it into, it is very mindful calculations. You must be sure that there is money being put into your business so it can be fueled and grow… but you must be sure to keep something in your pocket to live on. When you keep just enough to live on, then you can invest the rest back into the business. In doing this, you create a freedom in your life and schedule to be able to focus your time and energy on promoting, advertising, and even research to continue growing your business. By putting it all back into your business, you must continue spreading yourself thin by earning living expenses elsewhere which cases the business to suffer.

Hopefully you have found this helpful, so you can get your cash flowing in the necessary directions to keep your business growing and the cash flow moving. This will help you get to the level you desire where you will one day no longer being taking living expenses but a significant salary and one day even invest into new areas. You will then get the financial stability and even more beautiful the financial freedom you deserve to have in your life.

Stay focused… you’ll get there. Get Cocky.

You know you’ve heard it before… “stop and smell the roses” To me, that phrase is played out… Time to remix… So, I’m askin’ where the roses at, Yo!

Yesterday was my day… that’s right… My day… My day with my family… with my smokin’ hot wife, Kimberly and our wonderful boys… It was fun and productive. We hung out, went to church, kicked it in the backyard, even did some things around the house… It was great. It was most definitely what I needed. One Hundred.

Not many realize what all goes into running the biz and building my brand.

I haven’t missed a daily post since January until yesterday; at some point you must take a moment for you and the fam. It is critical to your sanity and your survival.

I have so much going on growing my empire… those of you with me, know what you’re putting in and it gets deeper before it lets up. Believe that. Stay strong… all you are doing will be worth it in time. You are growing and know you’re not alone… This is the game we have chosen.

I am running four on line resell stores on top of my daily posts, keeping up with social media to promote all my work and advertise for the stores and the new merch as well as continue to research and acquire new inventory to add to my stores on the regular. It is a constant hustle… In order to maintain such things on this level, there has got to be a rhythm and a constant flow to your game. You gotta keep ya game tight too.

Presently, I hit live auctions weekly as well as checking out silent auctions around town from time to time; gotta keep new product flowing in. Then I must take the new product and shine it up and have it looking as nice as possible, get it pictured, price it, and get it listed in the appropriate store. I then must plug my new items on social media wherever is reasonable to keep traffic flowing through the stores.

I’ve got to keep plugin’ on facebook and IG to keep more people taking notice of my ever growing brand.

On top of all the hustle, probably the biggest challenge is to keep things fresh and poppin’, Part of the job requirement to grow in this biz is to be creative with a high level of fluidity. The creativity must continue to pour out without ceasing and know no ends.

This is only a peek into what it is I do… I still have business consulting, coaching, emails, phone calls, money management, investments…

Truth is, I wouldn’t trade what I am doing for anything… I love what I do. I love being my own boss and building something great for my family. This is such a beautiful thing, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve got and where we’re going. The key is though…why am I doing all of this… not for fame and glory… although I do love the glory of the game… I do this for my family, and more often than not, moments need to be taken to spend time with my family. I also have other obligations for to my family; simple things that I need to do to take care of them…

Be sure you take a moment or two to ask you family or maybe just some friends…”Where the roses at, Yo!?

You ever realize how hard it is to get a good selfie…of course you do… because we are in the digital age and an era in which everyone has a cellular device at the tip of their fingers and feel the desire to capture everything…

but sometimes what is amazing is the pictures never posted or sent anywhere as you just capture something beautiful …something pure …


Far too frequently this question, we find ourselves asking…ourselves… but how often do we actually really think about it? “What are we doing here?”
Well, that could have so many different meanings….most of which don’t come close to the reality of where we need to be delving. With that being said, let’s take a whack at it…
I think I will find myself reevaluating this question again at a later date…but for now, I would like to utilize this particular question to refer to the four letter word that so many of deal with on a daily basis but give not nearly enough thought to… WORK
What are we doing here?….Many of us have a job. What is a job? Well, a place for us to go four, five, six times a week and go through the motions of many tasks that we become accustom to in order to earn the much needed paycheck. This is an entirely underrated thing, as it is what keeps the rest of us complacent with our many much taken for granted luxuries. If we did not have baristas, we would not be able to get our much needed coffee on the way to our work…we would have to actually wake up in the morning a little early and make our own…and then it just wouldn’t even be quite as good…or would it. Now, as I previously mentioned, all of these jobs are important (maybe not to you…but to someone). While a barista is a quite an important job to many people who feel they desperately need them in their lives (and who am I to argue their needs)…who many baristas feel that they need the job they are doing opposed to the previously mentioned, paycheck. So, what’s my point… The thing is that we need to take a moment and seek fulfillment in what we do. Wait…scratch that…. it is isn’t fulfillment that we need to seek…that is wrong…but that may be what some may see it as if not just a paycheck. We need to ask ourselves what are we doing here? Are we contributing something to the society around us? Are we actually furthering our own path, whatever that path may be…whether it be spiritual, monetary, or security…is this building towards our future? Are we really doing something that truly suites our passion? Some people truly have a passion for coffee; that is awesome. Let’s take it to the next level for a second…if you have a passion for coffee and are pleased to be a barista serving the beautifully delicious and decadent drink you find so much pleasure in filling your cup with on a daily basis to others and watching as they take that first sip, that is beautiful and good for you. I am happy to know that you have found that…but could there be more? Of course, there could be more.
Does this particular job bring you fulfillment on any other levels? Do you have a future doing what you are doing? I truly hope that you do…especially if you have such a passion for it….all people should be so lucky. Is it financially viable? Is this market that you find yourself in going to be fruitful in the long term? Of course…it;s coffee! Everyone loves coffee and they are loving it more today than they ever did…And you may feel that whatever it is that you do, you can say the same thing…maybe you are right. A job needs to be more than that. You need to be learning a skill or knowledge any level…never rest easily in the spot that you find yourself as that spot may one day cease to exist. You need to never stop seeing the opportunities to grow and achieve more.
I think I have diverted from where I was intending to go initially…but maybe that is my point in this whole rant anyways….where you find yourselves may not be where you intended to be nor may it be where you were meant to be. Don’t settle for where you are no matter how great it may seem. There is always something more out there. Not just in your job…but in everything you do. Be ambitious. Be audacious.
You spend far too many hours at your job every week to allow them to not be propelled by the proper motivations.

On that note…Have a nice day at work.

~Corey B.