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a quest beyond the psyche

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Psychology
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hittin’ the mean streets
merely looking for repeats
and of course inconsistencies
for what we know based on conspiracies
and simple fallacies
searching for truth
with demeanor of utter couth
for the answer is out there
not knowing is what we can not bare
seeking light at the end of tunnel
watching things spiral out of control
as if poured through a funnel
settle not
for we get hot
towards the future tis where we look
things we seek not to be found in a book
marching to a different drum
we surely do sweat
on our persistence and determination
is where we place our bet
failure being not an option
all things known will become undone
through the knowledge we hold
the truth shall be told
each day we drudge through
the endless fight
digging clawing
with all our might
seeking what has not been sought
in a battle that has yet to be fought
get freakin’ cocky
the anthem i surely do cry
scream it loud and proud till the day i die
we know now more than we once did
and that’s where masses place their bid
we are a new generation
seeking endless information
we will not rest
for we…truly relentless
are ready for the test
brushed off
wrongly rubbed
frowned upon
never knowing where it all went wrong
we continue in this endless parol
a quest for something new
tis what i sing in this carol
so there i stand just one boy
shouting loud…i’m fully joy