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Posted: December 14, 2021 in Uncategorized

Where are we…?? What is truly going on? IT has been so difficult to actually out into words all of the things flowing through my mind… I feel almost overwhelmed with thoughts, contemplations and everything swirling in my mind.

Grant Cardone always says if you are not overwhelmed, you are not truly applying yourself….

I am going to choose to believe that once I am able to unpack all of this that something trly amazing will be coming out… Let’s get it off an poppin’ though…

There is so much ugliness in the world right now and in our society and the truth is that all of this has always been here…. Oh yes, none of this is new. Some people are super excited that some of these things are finally coming to the surface. The sad things is that too many are fighting it… Not only are people fighting the information coming out… Others are using the light that is finally being shined to fuel a fire that has been burning for some time… While others are taking to social media…

Yes, your boy is over here on social media bashing social media…. and the reality is that social media isn’t the problem… it is the people. Social media used to be such a privilege… Now, our spoiled Americans believe it to be their right.

Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Systrom, Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos….These guys don’t owe you anything…

People believe that because they have Free Speech protected by the Constitution that they should be able to say what they want where they want…. That isn’t rights… That is privilege

There are magazines, blogs, newsletters that all have “letters to the editor” sections but it is still their publication and they reserve the right to publish or not publish anything they wish. Now, Instagram and Twitter are a little more aloof when it comes to their policies because the platforms are much more simplistic, Facebook actually has great lawyers and incredibly detailed policies which you click a button stating you have read and acknowledge when you set up your account… I know that most people never read these things… but it is there. In those policies, it is clearly stated that anything you post on their platform… Yep, I said that correctly… Their platform, you give them total rights to. This si the reason I have never chosen to post pictures of my little boys on Facebook. They own your pictures… Of course you still own them as well, but you have given them 100% freedom to do as they wish. I bet most of you didn’t realize this. Yep, every time you post a picture to Facebook, they can use to build ads and owe you no money because you signed over the rights when you clicked yes to set up the account. They can also choose to remove or delete anything they wish including your posts they dislike or posts that are disturbing other users or your account all together… This is not censorship… This is ownership!

Yes, of course it is a form of censorship but I choose to censor certain things in my house as I have children. I also choose to not have certain things in my house because it is my house…Period.

That is my right. You have no rights over my house or my business… Just because I invite you over and allow you to be pretty leisurely and help yourself to any amenities… I also reserve the right to revoke that at any point… Same thing applies to my office and place of business.

Facebook is Zuckerberg’s house…his business…his office… HE owns it… You have only the privilages, he allows you and he can revoke at anytime.
Many people also don’t know how he built many games and programs that all flopped before he built Facebook… You don’t like his, build your own…

Same with Twitter, IG, What’sapp, or anything else out there.

Trump became angry and decided after he lost the White House and was booted from Facebook for being a bad influence on the American people to build his own social media platform… Good for him!!
That’s America… That is Freedom!! He built his own! You don’t like what’s going on, build your own.
Stop being a baby and grow up already! You are embarrassing yourself… the privilege and level of entitlement in this great nation has become so sad…

Now, I veered off from where I wanted to be, so much more to unpack… Stay tuned!!