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Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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a never ending battle
a constant crusade
all things with which we’ve been tempted
have all been forbade
desperately seeking to spread the love
the love that was given from our Father above
something so real and pure
for any ailment He is the cure
i’m walking with the King
just listen to the anthem I sing
I stand beaten and broken
you hear not the words i’ve spoken
the time is now
align with me
i’ll show you how
and you shall see
the glory and majesty
of our great King
this being a courtesy
from the depths i bring
i stand loud and proud
with my knuckles bloody
and my face is muddy
i’m still scrappin’
to their sidearm they be strappin’
with a grin and a smirk
i heed their advance
for this moment is more than happen stance
it was written and will come to be
for all the world shall surely see
this fight that’s in me
this everlasting creed
open your eyes and you shall see
it’s not just me that must bleed
i’ve got this pen and pad
from which pours out my soul
i’m a soldier with one goal
to be a mighty warrior
the likes of which has never been seen before
for the young, bound, and sadly unspoken
i stand tall with these chains now broken
take me here
take me now
take me for all i am
and you’ll see how
this storm that brews in the depths of my gut
for when the lights of this world…out they’ve been shut
He’ll light the path to which i must walk
act now no more time for talk
as i lie on the field of battle feeling broken
words fall from my mouth with my lips now open
scrape and grasp…with my fingernails i must claw
as the passersby stand in awe
of Glory and victory i do cry
as the enemy shall presently die
in the end it shall be as it was written
as He said before…let me tell you…WE WIN

She gave my mind a shimmy

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Chaos
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Never knowing when it’ll come
All contemplation becomes undone
If only I knew what’s next to come
I got to get me some
Break out this pen and pad
Gotta get it all out
Here we go, I’m about to shout
As it dances upon my shiny tongue
From my lips your ears will be hung
With my ears wide open
She spoke for me to listen
As the words from her mouth they did fall
My preponderance did consider
Consider consider, consider them all
To new direction they did lead
For what’s next on her lips I must heed
With my dear new friend
Our future sees no end
With her near and dear to my heart
From my thoughts she shall never part
Her constant whispers in my ear they do sing
Through the halls of my mind they continually ring
Forgetting where it all started
Recollecting where we’ve been
The breathe flows from her lips still parted
Enticing the flow from my glittery pen
Breaking through all conformity
Knocking down any barrier
To see it unfold is oh so pretty
These words that flow own to the presence of her
Starring at this black and white
Scratches here scratches there
What once was there I do not care
Deep inside thoughts and ideas continue to burn
To what end…time will have its turn
For what comes next will fuel the fire
Stimulating my inner desire
The spinning ideas grow exponentially
Whilst I sit and ponder
To what next dare I wonder
As my pen it continues to bleed
Planting yet another seed
These words I tell you you must heed
For their message you do need
From the bottom of my creativity I’m a scraper
I…I…I just need…another sheet of paper


Posted: September 1, 2012 in Stimulating Thought
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to sit to plan to ponder to outright pontificate the outlandish possibilities the skys the limit there is no end not in sight for we know no bounds we defy laws of physics as everything is physics the mathematical algorithm that makes up our utter insanity is beyond reproach by any mere mortal as the preposterously astronomical conclusion will inevitably be there is no answer or is there the answer is out there or is it or is it so close that it is right here we sit back and ease into our own comfortability yet while still pushing the boundaries of our own existence in an endless effort to bridge this gap between greatness and insanity as those we pass on a daily basis have the potential to be so much more yet limit themselves constantly as they do not see the future nor do they see the possibilities of what could come of their own efforts so we sit and ponder and ponder again and then in drastic efforts take on the huge feat of conquering the injustice of it all and change what is what was and what those think there is to be but not at first because we must wait as we continue to fill our plate with more and more trying ever so effortlessly to prove that we are the kings and gods that our reputations uphold us to be then only sit back for a mere moment to speculate the possibilities of what it is that we are about to partake in this endless battle that we engulf ourselves in whilst watching the plate overflow and then as the shot of adrenaline surges through our veins we feel the course as it tingles throughout our body and in a single glimmer of an instant we notice that we are no longer sitting and the second hand is upon us and time is on our side as we as if not of our own doing possess the time itself and it flows from us at the last possible instant in the very opportune moment the pieces that make up this intricate jigsaw as if meant to by some greater power now fit together ever so tightly yet gently and with only nanoseconds to spare we feel the rush as all is well…victory is ours