corey you cant say that

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Stimulating Thought
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how the hell do we get started
lets keep it simple
corey you cant say that
i constantly hear
censorship sucks
i shout in revere
this country is going to hell
can we see what the future holds
is it the children
it should be but is it
well a good question i am posing
but one without an answer
why is there no answer
sadly no one cares
stoners are dumb
teenagers are morons
hippies great but misguided at times
anarchists can be fun
but no future they have
politicians are not perfect
theyre humans i am told
activists typically are phonies
though their causes may be just
support them support them
support if you must
expect nothing to come of it
as i said theyre full of __
now i censor myself
to please the losers that read
as they can not handle
the things in this creed
now i could go on for hours
but to an end i must get
homos are multiplying but how
lesbians think they have power now
rebellious i think not
simply a sad display
of the common corruption
of the youth today
feminists keep singing their anthems
their men bashing politic clashing
never taking heed
to the headlines they read
im so quick to dismiss
youre all pretty useless
piggish men they make me sick
disgusting bastards
their female counter part
the dirty hoochies
poor children without role models
where the hope lies
no one truly knows
tattoos can be colorful
but art is impermanent
families suck but we hold them dear
loss & loneliness is what we fear
money is irrelevant but vital
status is important
but only to thyself
I have bashed on you all
yet love for you i truly do feel
as you are my brothers sisters
friends and companions
without you life is incomplete
for greater than you
i could not compete
i surround myself with greatness
yet find myself alone at times
finish finish finish right now
they scream they scream
the arrogant overweight
the bureaucratic cow
im smart sexy dare i say stupendous
i say what i want whenever i want
i’m everything you can love
& everything you can hate
you take me as i am
or don’t take me at all
im shaken off all the haters
showin love to all my niggas
follow the example i set
to victory i will lead
my lifes an open book
all you need is to read

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