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So, today, December 31, 2019, at 1:52 PM, I have found myself amidst a plethora of thoughts and ideas whilst I continue my daily to-dos as well as the multitude of additions that have magnified over the past week. Ove the holidays, we had lots of family at the house and many of them stayed for a day or more… We always love our family being here; afterwards there is much more cleaning to be done, but all well worth it. This particular time, we had multiple family members become sick, most notably, our youngest son, Colton. Colton & Corey II almost never get sick, but the couple of times that Colton has gotten sick, it made up for the years of no sickness for sure…It gets serious. So while he has been sick, he has just requested for multiple hours a day that I sit with him, watch tv, read, or just snuggle… my little sweet boy, how could I deny a snuggle or veg-fest with my little dude. He just wants some Daddy-Time….needless to say, I have only gotten more behind on the work that I need to accomplish for my business as well as the work around the house. And on top of all of this, my lovely bride has been sick off and on as well and she worked ten 12-hours shift before Christmas because of changes at her job and a juggling of a new schedule; she got the week of Christmas off, but then had to make up for it, and has worked nearly every day this week including tonight which is New Years Eve…what a bummer…but she was here when all the family was here and she is a very wonderful and highly demanded nurse. She is great at what she does, and I am proud of her, and truth be told, people get sick even on the holidays… We need nurses every day so there are some days we miss her, and we suck it up. We are all proud of Mommy who works hard and does great things to hep other people in need.

New Years Eve is always a day I find myself with a lot on my mind; it was a day that Mom & I always saw as a new beginning…a day to do something great….not simple little resolutions, but serious change. It is just this perfect starting point to reflect on where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going… Mom truly made everyday special…and every holiday was a little extra special and New Years Eve, I always felt like she understood me and saw what I saw in it even though I have never really been able to put it into words…. We always spent it together as a family.

As I have been cleaning around the house and doing some things, there has been much on my mind about the future of my Family, the many plans and things we have under way and what we are working towards. I have also been contemplating the growth and development of my brand and where it is going in 2020. I have so many irons in the fire, it is time to level up and get branding already. Boom. In 2020, we taking Cocky to whole nutha level…

It is now 2:10 PM and I am going to be counting down till Midnight. I just feel the need to document this day… I hope you enjoy this as much as I do… but…. In the words of my boy, Drake, “If I was doin’ this for you, I’d have nothin’ left to prove, nah…this for me tho” Stay tuned.

Now 3:12 PM… I’ve gotten some cleaning done and realized just how much more I really want to accomplish… We have had this storage unit not far from the house for some time now which has housed some of my inventory and some old things of mine and Kimberly’s as well as a large amount of Mariah’s things from when she moved back with her mom. We have decided to no longer have this additional expense and rid ourselves of the unit and free up this needless expense… Well, we need to make more room in our office area as well as our garage for my inventory and find room in the house or garage to store Mariah’s things until we can get them to San Antonio….As my boy, Garrett knows, I always bite off more than I can chew and then fight to make it happen… We just say “Get Cocky” and reach higher than we outta…haha… Just a day in the life…

So, I have added some more cleaning and organizational projects for myself…. We will see where I get to today.

Now 4:20 PM my friends, and so much left to be done…. Already checked into our regular viewing programs and the boys are stoked to watch all the New Years Eve festivities kicking off at 7… less than 3 hours. Wish Kimmy would be here with us, but Colton is still a little under the weather… We are going to play it a little low key and just enjoy a few small sparklers if Colton is up to going outside later and indulge in some snacks and watch all the fun happening in NYC… One day we are totally taking the boys to watch the ball drop in person… but for this year, the TV will have to do… besides snuggling on the couch with my boys is going to be fun…Just hoping Colton will get back to feeling like himself soon.

There has been a huge shift in my business this year and looking towards the future… I’ve got so many things happening… Some I have divulged slightly and some I have yet to speak of while others have never changed…only grown such as my re-sell biz.

5:16 PM and we are still counting down. Closer and closer to the inevitable moment to which we kick off the new year. I have spent the day trying to get things done around here as well as squeezing in some work… all while being Super Dad and hanging out with Superman and Batman all day… LOL
This is truly the life… The life of your typical entrepreneur dad who happens to be the father of a couple of superheroes.

Still counting down…I hope I haven’t lost any of you…. Now 7:29 PM and since we are in Texas, me and the boys are watching the Steve Harvey countdown Live from Time Square…Saw some Florida Georgia Line and excited about what’s to come… The boys are excited although Colton still isn’t feeling well… My man is super strong like his Grandma… If you ask him, he is doing good and feeling fine… but he has suffered multiple coughing fits this evening. My little champ. I’ve done a little inventory organization along with my hustle. I hope you all are taking some time to enjoy life with your friends and family as I am but don’t let the hustle slip. Let’s hustle and grind into the New Year…

8:25 PM I’ve gotten some laundry done (I know….not exciting but for me it is therapeutic and it’s gotta be done) Got Colton’s Batmobile tent set up for the boys to play while we continue watchin Steve in Time Square. Had me some pecan pie and some Deep South Egg Nog with some rum, bourbon, and brandy… That’s what’s up…just a little toast to 2019… It has been quite the year… and it ain’t quite over yet… Still got time to make some more things happen … That my friends is the mind of a true hustler
I hope you’re partying and livin’ it up but don’t slow down the hustle… Keep up with your boy, Corey B and I’ll help you learn to do both.

It is now 10:44 PM…. I hope you ridin’ wit me… Me & my boys just bumped with Post Malone… That’s right… I got mad love for Post… Proud of that Texas boy… He has come far and still just bein’ Post. Got some more work done, got some food cooked for me and the boys… Still hustlin’ and getting some fun kick it time with my boys…. We rockin’ this New Years Eve and your boy ain’t stopped or even slown down my hustle. Look, I said in the beginning that this was for me… I just felt the desire to document this day, but if you’ve ridden with me this whole time, it ain’t like you ridin’ with empty hands… So, look… many times, I hear questions about how to get things done with a family or how can you really grow and develop your business with so many other responsibilities…. Or just a copout statement, “It is just too late for me; I am married with a family.” I have even heard people try to chime in as if when you have a wife or husband who take care of everything, then you can easily get it going, but they aren’t in that spot….they have things they gotta do… First and foremost, I want to squash the idea that anyone is in a sitch in which they get are absolved of responsibilities… That mess just isn’t real. I am not going to question or critique people’s choice of how they manage their life… But I will say that the Good Lord did not intend for us to raise a family alone… It takes two of us to make a baby and two of us to raise that family… I have totally documented my day including just normal daily tasks because it is important for you who have started a family or have other responsibilities in your life, that you can stay on the hustle and grind while getting other things done. In no way am I in this alone either…. Kimberly works hard and busts it daily to bring in her end and develop her career and continues to crunch the numbers for her plethora of clients as well which is her side hustle. You work together and grow your family and grow and develop your business and brand… Hit your boy up and stay tuned for so much more and I’ll be sure to let you know how.

Nearly midnight and kickin it with my boys…. I hope y’all are enjoying this with your family….I’ll hit you back after midnight, Yo!

Yo! Yo! Yo! Your boy, Corey B just rocked in the New Year with my two favorite party dudes!!! We watched LL Cool J take it back to that old school hip hop that we know and love….ain’t no doubt, he still got it…. Check out our YouTube channel for more of the fun and festivities….then we headed out back after the boys had to throw down some WWE in the living room ….We then lit up the sparklers….the boys just love those and with Colton feeling under the weather, a little low key was cool… I think we played this one just right…now the boys are watching Rescue Bots while I transfer a few files from my phone…Corey II is requesting we make another video before we wrap up the evening.

I’ll get this posted in just a moment and then I’ll begin the next post… I’ve got more on my mind and gotta put pen to paper and get these thoughts out while they’re fresh.

Stay tuned…and keep hustlin’ …

Happy New Year! 2020!

Get Cocky!!

What does your lifestyle look like? You heard the phrase, “dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” Let’s take that principle to a whole new level. You should be living the life you want, not the life you have…unfortunately, far too many people are doing this because they don’t really grasp the full scope of the principle.

You want to be rich and successful, live like you’re rich…

Okay…now, let’s dive into that…
You have to cherry pick the characteristics that help to get you to that level of wealth opposed to flaunting wealth you do not yet have. Some wealthy are just lucky… they have been born into it or inherited it or something… but many of the wealthy have become wealthy based on wise decision or success with a particular skill… The key is not where they gain their wealth but how they keep it.

The money you make, whether big or small, must be handled carefully. Far too often, people who are making less money are less careful with their money. If you are making more and a problem arises, you are more likely to be able to handle it. While when you are making less money, you have a higher likeliness of facing a struggle. The sad fact is that although, the wealthy can potentially handle said problem with more ease, they still are more careful when counting their dollars. You need to learn now to be careful with your money. You must be mindful of your spending and spend each dollar with intent now while you have less of those dollars so your bank roll can continue to grow.

You need not live a life of luxury… You aren’t there yet. Do not live beyond your means. That isn’t wise nor will it give you the wealth you are seeking and the wealth you deserve.

Make wise choices with your money. There was an employer that I worked for years ago that had the most perfect mind for money. He always seemed to know when it was time to cut his losses, invest in new areas… he saw the value in things that weren’t inventory such as an atmosphere in his stores, a basic comfortable moral amongst his staff, investments in the city around him by being involved in charities and working with many organizations around the city. He also operated under the mindset that it didn’t matter whether he spent $5 or $50, he wanted his money worth. There was an incident in which he had offered the staff a generous meal that was catered but the staff was stuck taking turns as they could not neglect their post tending to customers. As things were running a little behind, he politely requested that they give him an extra 30 minutes to ensure everyone got to eat… He offered them another $50 for 30 minutes. They politely agreed only to remain moody for that last 30 minutes and rush the last few people. Needless to say, he was frustrated at the idea that he had paid extra for his staff to be cared for only to have his staff somewhat snubbed and they didn’t stay for the full 30 minutes. As long as I have known this man, he is a man of principle a man who was going to get what he pays for… no matter how big or small. It isn’t about the money… but more the principle. For this discussion, I want you to focus on the money…

The point here is that every dollar should matter. I have had friends even family members who I watched live paycheck to paycheck. I also watched them go to the store and buy things they didn’t need and say, “ahhh…It’s only a dollar.” You say it’s only a dollar ten times, that’s $10; do that every week or every few days, that’s a lot of dollars tossed away.

I’ve watched friends go to concert after concert only to be wondering how to get gas money the day before payday. Years ago, I had a roommate that would get paid Friday; by Monday, he was trying to figure out how to make it through the week. The idea is simple… each dollar should matter.

If the dollars matter now while you have less of them, you will be much better equipped to manager your business as it grows. You will have lots of responsibilities that are all dependent upon your ability to manage things well.

You’ve got your whole life to party and go to concerts and whatever else it is that you’re spending your money on. The most important key you can take away from wealthy people about staying wealthy is to focus your attention on your business, investing, and watching your dollars. They can’t disappear if you’ve got your eye on them.

There is a great photo of Jay-Z when he had $600,000 listed as his net worth…. He was just getting started building himself and his brand. He was wearing a sweater and three enormous gold chains; the cost of each was probably quite ridiculous along with several large rings on his fingers… There is a later picture of him when his net worth is listed around 5 billion… he is wearing a long sleeve shirt with a single thin gold necklace and no other jewelry. He stopped focusing on the appearance of wealth and redirected his attention to actual wealth. He is known for spending money… But that is no longer his focus as it was when he was young. Learn from this. Focus on building your wealth, not appearing wealthy.

I spoke previously about the idea of taking a moment to figure out what it is you want to do. I truly believe that is a vital step as it is important to know what it is you want.

Hopefully, you have taken that step…Now, that you have thought and marinated on your idea and goals… It is time to get there already. The problem is that far too often, people will get in the way of their own success. You can’t hold back. You have got to dive in already. If you are going to sit back and over think this process and continue to question every aspect of your future and the success of your business, then you will never have a business that you need to concern yourself with.

I want you to take that moment you need to really think about what you want to do with your future and with your business, but at the same time, I need you to be decisive… You need you to be decisive. Ultimately, this is for you and your future. Give it ample thought but make that decision and let’s get it going.

Be confident…not only in your decision but also in the success of your future.

If you have your idea, get working on your business model and your game plan to initiate said model. You need not sit back and question how to implement it… You know what to do… Get it done.

This is going to be a continuing thing that is vital to the success of your business; it needs to start now. Your business will need you to continue to be decisive as it grows.

Trust in yourself; trust in your business. Be confident and get it going…. Simply put,

Get Cocky!

As arbitrary as this may sound, it is valid… The goal of your business is to leave a legacy for your family, financial freedom, maybe just to be your own boss (some people just don’t like to be told what to do…fair enough) and there are probably many other reason you could give me… ultimately these are all summed up in a nice little package that we can all agree on… your bank roll… your pockets of guac… your money. Whatever you want to call it or whatever fluffy way you want to portray it in colorful words, it is all the same… It’s all green and his name is Franklin.

So now that we are being honest with ourselves and each other, let’s talk about your bank roll and how to get it bigger.

The starting point is much simpler than what you may think. What do you know? What is your skill set? And most importantly, what brings you joy?

The term, “find your bliss” sounds like something that should be printed on a bumper sticker…. But there is an element of truth. You must find joy in what you are doing. Okay…. clichés aside.

There is something that you have a drive for… something you would love spending your life doing. Why aren’t you doing that? There is always a way to turn it into money. Take some serious time to give thought to what you want to be doing; once you know that, you’re half way there… then you can figure out how to turn into money. Whether you take that idea and it is something easily viable and start your own business or you find an avenue to which you can teach people about your passion. Either way… this is key. Find what it is. Honestly, the rest is sometimes easier than the initial decision and that is why far too many people never make that initial step to venture out on their own. Don’t let your own brain stand in your way. Narrow down the what and then begin working on the how.

Simply put, let your heart drive your bank roll.



You ever realize how hard it is to get a good selfie…of course you do… because we are in the digital age and an era in which everyone has a cellular device at the tip of their fingers and feel the desire to capture everything…

but sometimes what is amazing is the pictures never posted or sent anywhere as you just capture something beautiful …something pure …


If we are to find ourselves in conflict over thought; allow it to be your thought not someone else’s. When you spend your time in conflict fighting for what you believe in, that is noble and should be respected. When you spend your time in conflict over someone else’s right to appreciate some else, your breathe and words fall on deaf ears, and you make no progress. Spend more time on the idea and less time on the man.
All men are flawed — ideas are where progress is made.

Just stimulating thought…

how the hell do we get started
lets keep it simple
corey you cant say that
i constantly hear
censorship sucks
i shout in revere
this country is going to hell
can we see what the future holds
is it the children
it should be but is it
well a good question i am posing
but one without an answer
why is there no answer
sadly no one cares
stoners are dumb
teenagers are morons
hippies great but misguided at times
anarchists can be fun
but no future they have
politicians are not perfect
theyre humans i am told
activists typically are phonies
though their causes may be just
support them support them
support if you must
expect nothing to come of it
as i said theyre full of __
now i censor myself
to please the losers that read
as they can not handle
the things in this creed
now i could go on for hours
but to an end i must get
homos are multiplying but how
lesbians think they have power now
rebellious i think not
simply a sad display
of the common corruption
of the youth today
feminists keep singing their anthems
their men bashing politic clashing
never taking heed
to the headlines they read
im so quick to dismiss
youre all pretty useless
piggish men they make me sick
disgusting bastards
their female counter part
the dirty hoochies
poor children without role models
where the hope lies
no one truly knows
tattoos can be colorful
but art is impermanent
families suck but we hold them dear
loss & loneliness is what we fear
money is irrelevant but vital
status is important
but only to thyself
I have bashed on you all
yet love for you i truly do feel
as you are my brothers sisters
friends and companions
without you life is incomplete
for greater than you
i could not compete
i surround myself with greatness
yet find myself alone at times
finish finish finish right now
they scream they scream
the arrogant overweight
the bureaucratic cow
im smart sexy dare i say stupendous
i say what i want whenever i want
i’m everything you can love
& everything you can hate
you take me as i am
or don’t take me at all
im shaken off all the haters
showin love to all my niggas
follow the example i set
to victory i will lead
my lifes an open book
all you need is to read