What Drives Your Bank Roll?

Posted: February 5, 2019 in Bayless Enterprises
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As arbitrary as this may sound, it is valid… The goal of your business is to leave a legacy for your family, financial freedom, maybe just to be your own boss (some people just don’t like to be told what to do…fair enough) and there are probably many other reason you could give me… ultimately these are all summed up in a nice little package that we can all agree on… your bank roll… your pockets of guac… your money. Whatever you want to call it or whatever fluffy way you want to portray it in colorful words, it is all the same… It’s all green and his name is Franklin.

So now that we are being honest with ourselves and each other, let’s talk about your bank roll and how to get it bigger.

The starting point is much simpler than what you may think. What do you know? What is your skill set? And most importantly, what brings you joy?

The term, “find your bliss” sounds like something that should be printed on a bumper sticker…. But there is an element of truth. You must find joy in what you are doing. Okay…. clichés aside.

There is something that you have a drive for… something you would love spending your life doing. Why aren’t you doing that? There is always a way to turn it into money. Take some serious time to give thought to what you want to be doing; once you know that, you’re half way there… then you can figure out how to turn into money. Whether you take that idea and it is something easily viable and start your own business or you find an avenue to which you can teach people about your passion. Either way… this is key. Find what it is. Honestly, the rest is sometimes easier than the initial decision and that is why far too many people never make that initial step to venture out on their own. Don’t let your own brain stand in your way. Narrow down the what and then begin working on the how.

Simply put, let your heart drive your bank roll.



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