It is time for the harsh reality… building a business based upon a passion that drives you is of course a beautiful idea. It truly is… but your dues must be paid if you wish to be paid. If you want to have a successful viable business, you must get to work. The hustle is an endless process at this early stage of your business’s growth.

You must be able to give everything you’ve got to your business. It is merely a dream… so let’s make this dream a reality. Even though your business is based upon a passion that drives you, it is not going to a simple and fun process in the beginning. It is going to be grueling and tedious.

I was recently listening to an extremely successful entrepreneur that is also well followed for his teachings of business. He has expressed for a long time that teaching is one of his big passions. This is a man whom I have an abundant amount of resect for. Something he said really got me thinking. As I mentioned, I have a lot of respect for him and have learned a lot from him myself…. with that being said… He said, “Do not follow your passion” …. To me, this contradicts some of the ideals that I believe in. The more I sat and pondered what he was saying, the more I began to come to terms with the fact that although we may not agree on everything, there are truths in what we are both saying.

He expressed that until you are paying your bills, you have not yet earned the right to follow your passion. Let’s build on that… I agree that until you are paying your bills, you do not have the right to rest. Bills are debt that you accrued. You owe these debts. You have a responsibility and a legal obligation to get these taken care of. Not to mention, the inevitable lifestyle comfort and just basic needs that come from paying your bills. In addition, you need to be able to fund your business venture, the expenses and overhead.

I still believe your business should be driven by your passion because I don’t believe you are going to give all you’ve got to something you don’t believe in.

With that being said, I 100% agree that you haven’t put in your dues and haven’t earned the leisure yet. This is going to be a battle and a struggle. You may spend endless hours at your computer pounding the keys trying to get your brand off the ground. Ten… twelve… fourteen hours a day pounding the keys… whatever it takes. No matter how much love sitting at your computer, you will stop loving it. You have got to be prepared to handle this.

I do feel it should be based on a passion you have although while fighting for this, it may not feel like your passion… it may not feel fun; it may be painstakingly grueling. You must dig deep and fight for it.

I have said it before and I will do so again… Anyone can do this, but most don’t want to. Are you ready for it? You prepared to fight? You ready to get paid… there is no rest until you get that cash rolling in.

Get Cocky and let’s get that money rollin’ in.

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