Think Different….

Posted: August 8, 2021 in Uncategorized

It is time to start thinking differently…

You have already heard it before…probably many times… Defined insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result… Oddly enough, this is similar to experimental design but that is a discussion for another day…

No matter what it is you are trying to do in your life, you’ve got to start thinking different. Do not change who you are, change how you think about the process.

Sometimes it helps to get a new environment, atmosphere, just an overall vibe to how you are letting your mind wander… Then begin to think differently and marinate on what is next. Really allow your thoughts to permeate in your mind and be sure you know what it is you are reaching for and what is driving you in this direction. Know your purpose.

Let me ask a simple question that sadly too few of you will have an answer to… “What is it you want?”

Now take this for what it is… Your boy over here is a business coach/consultant and a life coach… What is it you are lacking right now?

No matter how good things are, there is more for you.. Let’s get it poppin’

Marinate tonight and truly give the necessary amount of time to truly think about what it is you want and I’ll hit you back in the am… and we’ll go to work… Let’s get it done.

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