Clearing my head…

Posted: October 25, 2021 in Uncategorized

It’s your boy here… The reality is that I had a draft that I was supposed to post a few weeks ago and still have yet to post it… It’s challenging at times because so many things get into my head. I’ve always got so much going on and trying to get it all out…much easier said than done, but I think that is what I’m going to start doing is just getting more out. I’ve got to stop overthinking it and just get the content out there and let fall where it may…

Right now, I have these things that have been burdening my mind because I feel we are losing focus as a people….as a nation…as a community… I am not a Bible thumping person because I feel it does no good…. I am a strong Christian and anyone who has known me for a good amount of time knows this to be true. I may be flawed and broken but I never claim to be perfect… I am not here to preach but to shine some light…

We need to be living with a Kingdom Mindset and few truly are… an maybe the word few is too harsh or slightly exaggerated but I feel the point is made and merits an observation.

In the grand scope of how many of us are walking the Earth, there are far too many who do not even know Jesus, of those who do know Jesus, many choose to deny Him, of those who choose to accept Him, there are so many who many know of Him but not of the Word of God… They are lost without His teachings… Of the ones who know, far too few actually practice, and of the ones whom believe they practice, many are too caught up in checking the boxes of things they did to serve God that they have forgotten about true relationship and about the basic principle of having love and compassion for their fellow man.

I have had just about enough over the last few years… I have friends, family, people whom I’ve known for so long and felt as though I knew so well, that will claim to be loud and proud Christians because that is what they were brought up to do.
They will stand so high and mighty upon their principles because they know the “right” thing to do and what is “fundamentally correct and right and good.” When you have lost the way of the Lord, these words are in quotes because they are just words at that point… that have lost meaning and merit. They no longer carry the weight they were intended to carry.

When you pass judgement upon so many others around you for their sins…. oh how you have forgotten when Jesus spoke, “ye without sin, cast the first stone,” and they dropped their stones and walked away from the sinner they were ready to stone for her actions. Because Jesus is not physically present right in front of you for you to see him, you forget the words he spoke and chose to cast stones regularly…in these modern times of social media, stones are virtually thrown by the millisecond. It’s absurd and an abomination.

Let me ask the question that sadly no one who doesn’t already agree with me will have an answer for…What does this behavior do for the Kingdom??

When you see people sinning and doing wrong, passing judgement only pushes them further from the Lord… but let’s not talk about that. I have literally had people tell me, “Corey, you are too soft and too passive when it comes to things that are wrong.”

I did a Freedom Bible Study last summer and had an excellent discussion about how I held Christians to a higher standard for their mistakes… I feel that at the end of the day, we are all people and we are al going to make mistakes but when I non-believer makes a mistake, they may not even realize it’s a mistake or may not understand it’s importance…still valid, still a sin, and still needs correcting ….but when a Christian passes judgement and makes the mistakes that we all tend to make, the non-believer who was sitting on the fence just jumped back to the other side because they have taken that to be identifying characteristics of what and who Christians are…. fair…nope…not really, but life isn’t fair… Let’s grow up already and accept the responsibility we have as Christians and start leading by example by living with a Kingdom Mindset…

Ya feel me?

Let’s do this… we’re not in this alone…God put us here together to walk together. Let’s help each other out. Let’s take a chance to remind our fellow Christians who are falling short to get back on track opposed to constantly condemning those who don’t know…if we can help get each other on track, we can begin to help more people around us know Jesus and develop relationships with Him. Let’s work together!!

God is GOOD…. All the Time (You know what you supposed to say… )

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