Living in Fear?!?…

Posted: October 26, 2021 in Uncategorized

Let’s give some back story for just a moment to paint a picture of my particular circumstance….
My Corey…my sweet little 6 year old boy who by the way has only been sick twice prior to COVID… We have been so blessed with a little boy who has an immune system like no other… He is just so strong. Colton, his brother has been sick a few times, not many but a few….He is pretty string as well, but Corey in 6 years has been sick twice. Then COVID spreads across the globe and we have done everything in our power to protect ourselves and keep ourselves safe due to our little boys and Kimberly’s job as a nurse with patients who have compromised immune systems. We just want to be sure that we are being wise and cautious.

Even having done all these things to be cautious, we still get COVID….all of us…all four of us get it. I got it pretty bad…lasted 8 and a half weeks, developed COVID-induced viral pneumonia and swelled up as if I was 9 months pregnant. It was not pretty. I went to the ER twice and then had an emergency appointment with a doctor after I had swelled up…I still have some symptoms a year later. Anyways, back to Corey…

I sat with my boy while I was sick and miserable for 3 days. He couldn’t sleep, he was shaking uncontrollably, anytime he would dose off, he would wake up pacing in circles and not know where he was or where he was going. I have never seen my little guy like this and never want to experience it again. It was horrible. He bounced back pretty quick…but those 3 days were terrible.

I have friends and even family members who can’t seem to understand what I experienced with my family during this time. They continue telling me that because I am still being cautious that I am choosing to live in fear and no trusting God. Those who truly know me and some of you may be my readers and I love that some of you know me so well already… It’s awesome to know you pay attention. Those who know me know better than all of that. I haven’t lost my faith in God. Scripture tells us to be wise and not tempt God.

I am being cautious because of what I experienced. What I went through with my little boy. I don’t want to experience that again. I don’t judge others for their stances; I merely have a problem with others judging me based on mine. I am a sheep and gullible and obviously scared and an idiot because I want to be cautious with my little boys whom I had an extremely traumatic experience with.

Now, get this, these same people who are condemning me for being cautious for having my boys mask up and limiting their exposure to unvaccinated, unmasked people until I feel that the virus in under control in our community and society, those same people are telling me that I am clueless and unaware of what is happening in our nation. They claim I need to be stocking up on guns and food because our nation is in a war right now. At some point our government may come in an seize our home and if we don’t have food rations to go off the grid and we don’t have ample guns to protect ourselves we are doomed. Oh my gosh, I literally just laughed out loud while I was typing that sentence.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not against food conservation or guns. To stock-pile non-perishable food is fine and maybe even wise. Doesn’t sound like their could be a down side to that at all. Regarding guns, I am not at all anti-gun; I am however anti-crazy-person-with-a-gun… Anyone who can not wait to get their hands on one, is the last person I want to have one…just sayin’ but that’s a topic for another day. Guns are great! I am not anti-gun at all.

The point here is that the people that are close to me that should know who I am, have really no clue at all because they are too consumed with themselves. But these people claim that I am living in fear because I have actually experienced something traumatic and am taking action to prevent the same thing from happening again. But they are working so hard to prevent something they have never experienced and have little evidence of it’s possibility. That does not mean that their fears are not valid. Who can say what fear is valid and what isn’t. If people have fears, they should be able to handle them. It is when they impede upon their lives or other’s lives, that maybe they need to address them and seek potential counseling.
The idea of their fears about our government taking over is silly to me but I would never stifle their choices to protect themselves and their family as they see fit. But my concerns about facing something that I have already faced and wish not to face again, they see as dumb, misguided, and lacking in merit. Therefor I should get over myself and stop living in fear…

I need to stop living in fear while they handle their snakes to show their faith in the Lord and build bunkers filled with guns and food to prevent the next war that they claim will break out in within the next 3 years…. Let’s readdress this conversation in 3 years when it never happens. Talk to you then…

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