Keepin’ It Fresh

Posted: April 6, 2022 in Uncategorized

Yo! Yo!
Your boy is here and puttin’ it down. The reality is that it hit me today…well it hit’s me frequently but today, I just felt more compelled to put pen to paper and get it out of my head… Or I guess in this case, put my fingers on the keys…
Being a Dad, building a business, being involved, keeping up with so many people and so many things… All while looking as if I got it all together… Oooohhh…. That’s just part of the game..
Life be crazy for real.. It just keep you running. So any given day, I jump up, throw on my kicks, guzzle a redbull, put feet to pavement just to keep things flyin…Get my boys off to school only to get back to the house brew a pot of coffee…. Yeah, that’s right. Just like my Momma, I will drink coffee all day, not because I need it although it does help…hahaha… I drink it cause I love it! So we have a Keurig in the kitchen, but I need a pot not a cup… The Keurig is dope and convenient but I take my coffee serious… Anyways, back the grind… then with the post-its… yeah, your boy got post-its all over the place.
It is presently 9:34 in the am. I dropped the boys off at school in Texas for those who may not know and it is April but a bit windy today and they want their hoodies and forgot them at home. I flew back home after dropping them off only to grab their hoodies and take them to them. Granted I only live a mile from the school… I ain’t trying to get no Father of the Year medal or anything… Just putting it out there how things went down. The ladies in the office, all know me and the boys… even masked up, some of the ladies I haven’t even seen but a couple times know me as the Corey & Colton’s Dad and instantly saw me walking up the sidewalk and stepped outside to grab their hoodies. You fellow moms and dads out there know what I’m laying down is just perspective.
Head back home to finish off my redbull that I accidently left sitting on the counter…not ice cold anymore but just tipped and dumped it down my throat…not about taste at this point…no time to taste. Just get things crackin’. Then began the coffee pot, sent out my first 4 offers of the morning to potential customers and checked emails from potential clients. Reviewed the stats on the homes page of my 4 online stores and looked over my first two orders of the morning. And now to refill my coffee cup… The first cup, I always add sugar and milk and after that, I just never let it get empty, just keep it hot and fresh and less sweet over the next few hours. Whew… This takes way more time to write than it did to actually happen and I ain’t even adding all the random details… LOL
Went ahead and turned on Power in the background as I tend to have music or tv on somewhere so I can actually concentrate. I always have all these ides running through my head and I get distracted in my own thoughts which slows down productivity. Got to keep things moving. The hustle is real.
Amidst all of this, I thought that I was just rockin’ a t-shirt and some beat up jeans… and don’t trip, I ain’t throwin’ shade at anyone’s fashion choice, to each their own. It only hit me that I wasn’t exactly as fresh as I’d prefer to be. threw on a backwards cap that didn’t even match my shoes but shoes were comfy but time to hang these up too… We’ve all heard the stories and seen in the movies and tv how parents be struggling to get things done and look a mess…Now your boy never looks a mess. I don’t get down like that. I keep it clean and presentable at all times… I don’t care day or night, your boy don’t play, but I have allowed things to get a little less put together from time to time and the rest of the time, it is just part of the hustle… part of the game I lay down, is all in how I look and how I carry myself.
Now, you may have heard the phrase before “dress for the job you want not the job you have”
I actually believe I used to say it…. about 20 years ago… I have much better perspective now than I did then… hopefully we all do. Part of the growth and the journey.
Today, I would tell you to dress as you… Be sure that every day, out yourself out there… If you’re a backwards cap and tattered jeans, rock it and rock it well…. If you’re a suit wearing, limousine ridin’, …well, you may not be able to afford the limo just yet, but rock that suit well…as if you was already ridin’ in that limo. I think the key is to be you. Run your own game but don’t let it get away from you or it because another distraction. Allot yourself those extra moments in the morning to be you. To get yourself together just the way you want.

Another element that goes along with this is exercise…Now I could tell you about the health benefits and the mental, emotional, and psychological benefits of exercise but I know you’ve heard it and don’t care…. If you cared, I’m obviously not talking to you because you’re already exercising. I want to appeal to two things:

Your vanity and your sanity. Your vanity…That’s right. You want to look a certain way, more fit, smaller, thinner, different proportions, clothes fit better, want to buy different clothes that right now just don’t flatter based on where you are physically… So do something about allow yourself a little time EVERY day to get in better shape,..yeah, yeah, yeah, eat better…that’s a different talk. And if you’re overweight, eating right will not fix your appearance. It helps but for the sake of this conversation, not relevant. Eat better when you can, as you can. But DO exercise right now… I don’t care how out of shape you are. It will help you get your body looking the way you wish it to…Also, allowing yourself time to get this done on the daily, will give you peace and you won’t burden your thoughts throughout the day. You will feel accomplished and stay on track which will keep you sane and productive.

Don’t even think of telling yourself that you don’t have time… Lame excuse because as I just explained, this will help you to be more efficient and stay on track which means how could you afford to not do this.

As I finish this up, I will be filling up my coffee for the third time, checking in with some business partners so see where we are moving with a few things, see what’s next for today and make sure we’re all the same page. Then I will take a quick workout for myself and then I got a large lot of inventory to get listed in my store before getting in touch with my boy, Garrett and Z to discuss our next venture and get things developed in that area… Building an empire didn’t happen in a day and wasn’t by one person either… I got my squad to help build my empire… Are you building yours?

And I’m gonna comb my hair and throw on a different shirt and keep it poppin’ fresh.

Till next time.

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