To Thine Own Self Be True

Posted: April 7, 2022 in Uncategorized

Now, your boy has confessed to you on more than one occasion of my desire to write more and put more content out there for you and for myself yet find things consume my time and as many times as I say that isn’t going to be the case anymore, it always finds a way to happen…

Now I have different perspectives from time to time and that is because my perspectives are for different people… The idea that there is one answer negates the fact that God created us all uniquely different and special. Too many miss this…

So, I have been know to say keep fighting and get what is yours while also having said that you have to know when to take the L and learn from the experience. Everything is a learning experience.

I have a homie that we go back a ways and know a lot about each other as we’ve experienced a lot together and shared many experiences. She happens to be a blogger…or was a blogger. Quite a bit more successful than myself even though to her, it was just an outlet for her experiences. She wrote under a pseudonym and always changed the names of anyone else that she ever wrote about but just simply shared stories of hers from day to day about the life she lead and interesting encounters she had. She had a full time job and very devoted boyfriend who would later become her husband as well a having multiple dogs that she was devoted to. She was heavily involved with the company she worked for as well as contributing much time to dog rescue in her surrounding area and was always a loyal friend that many counted on. She had a full life and was extremely busy all the time. She got to the point in which she only posted a blog every other day and then every couple of days until it was once a week and then she decided that it wasn’t for her anymore. She felt she wasn’t devoting enough time to it and it wasn’t reasonable with the amount of followers that she had to not be able to put regular content out there…

Now, your boy being me and being Cocky all day… I was like, “This is your blog that you worked hard for and have built up a following…Don’t drop it”

She was adamant that it was time to hang it up. I spoke with her more than once to make sure she was sure but I also knew her well and knew if she was making this decision that it didn’t come without thought and that she isn’t a person that carries much regret…She knows what she wants and goes after what she wants. She enjoyed the journey and decided that chapter was closed.

I have much respect for those who fight for the things they want…but I have even more respect for those who know when the fight is over as you know longer desire the thing you’re fighting over. It took much experience for me to get to that point in my life and I hope I can impart some wisdom on others and help others to not find themselves in some of the situations I have seen and experienced…

There is honor in the fight but perspective is far more valuable. You must know what you want and what you’re fighting for and know when to walk away because that is no longer what you want. By fighting a fight you aren’t fully invested in, you miss other opportunities. Let’s not miss out, get in touch with who you are and what you really want and never forget that it is an everyday process as you never stop growing and learning. Don’t be so stubborn that you miss out on growth and change.

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