Is the Wolf the New Crypto Mastermind?!

Posted: April 16, 2022 in Uncategorized

No…. And I say that so incredibly lightly… This is not a new game for him.

And to those throwing shade saying he has changed his tune because he thought people buying into it before were idiots and now, the self-proclaimed ‘Crypto-Mastermind’… How could this be?

Simple. And he actually explains it himself. With it becoming more regulated, it is a safer and wiser investment. Period. Those who don’t understand that…well, grab a pad and pencil and start taking some notes. Love him or hate him, he is nothing if not consistent. The things he spoke so many years ago in the nineties, he doesn’t even contradict today. He has been a guest speaker on many major networks to discus finance and investments and the man is wise and incredibly smart. Yes, in the 90’s, he used his brilliance for wrong doing, but that doesn’t take away from the intelligence. That is why he quickly weighed in on the developments last year with Robinhood and all the little haters out there throwing shade at the hedge funds speaking that they deserved to lose their fortunes…So sad the ignorance in all of it. Jordan weighed in on all of this because he knew what was happening… Your boy knew what was up also, and that’s why Jordan explained it similarly to what I had told all my closest homies…those who wanted to listen.

So to clarify, he is not the new mastermind because he has been one of the big masterminds for decades and this is just a new platform. Investments based on people, economy, and our society is what he has been doing for years and this is no different. If you want to understand more about crypto, stop watching YouTube and reading about it on FaceBook and speak to some people who really understand what is happening and what is on the brink of happening next.

I offer business coaching, consulting, and mentoring as well as life coaching and brand development. I have particular skill in picking wise investments and have been doing so for some time now. While the world was upside down and the market was essentially sideways, my partner and I continued making stacks during the pandemic as we were careful and knew what to buy as well as what not to buy. It takes time to learn and develop. This will not happen overnight and you will not get rich from a tip you got from Reddit or YouTube videos. It’s much more complex than that. Stay tuned, your boy is developing my brand and platform more and more every day and we’ll get things off and poppin’. You want to get your hands on it, pay attention.

And as all the greats themselves do, read a book.

I leave you with one of my favorite lines… I ask you judge me not by my winners but rather my losers as I have so few of them.

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