The Bear Tried to Take the Bull by the Horns

Posted: April 14, 2022 in Uncategorized

“I don’t care if you’re Warren Buffet or Jimmy Buffet…. Nobody really knows… It’s a fugazy or foogazy…”

Everyone sitting at home wants to think they know… they don’t know. Haha…. they just don’t. And if you truly believe you do, put your bankroll where your mouth is and stopping flooding social media with all your endless critiques of the experts who are living off of their dividends opposed to sitting at home dreading Monday morning.

Now I got that off my chest, let’s rap…

It’s everywhere in blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and yes, all over Facebook….it must be true…

We are in a bear market… To truly enlighten those who didn’t know or whom have just forgotten, the market is dictated by the consumer.

Politicians want you to believe their answer is the answer…. Bloggers want credit for knowing the answer… And don’t worry, I am well aware of the irony that I am indeed speaking to the merit of the blogger on my blog… So you can choose to listen and be enlightened or move on because you find my method a bit hypocritical. I have no desire to convince you to hear me.

Now, to explain, the market is dictated by the consumer. Yes, these may indeed be trying times due to everything that has happened across the globe over the last two years… They are only trying because of people’s lack of understanding or wanting to adapt or outright refusal to adapt to what is before them. Survival of the fittest, my friends… Only the strong come out on top. It isn’t those who manipulate, lie or cheat, who win although social media would tell you otherwise. It is so much easier to believe those who are succeeding are cheating than excepting that you need to fight harder. The economy is in a time of “rebirth”… I give my homeboy, Sean mad props for the term rebirth as this has been a time I have struggled finding the perfect word to describe it. I’ve tried endlessly to explain to family and friends what is happening in the world and they don’t see it, and I feel my lack of the perfect word may have been a key contributor…maybe not, but I’m willing to take a little on myself opposed to just pointing a finger.

We are amidst a great rebirth in our economy right now as I write this. The market is yes a bear market but only because everyone is in a panic. During the pandemic, America was handing out money to everyone in efforts to keep our economic structure in tact and keep people from starving and such. This is not a political debate. I am not saying they were right or wrong… just facts.
The American citizen was sitting at home watching nonsense on Facebook and YouTube as they had already spent countless hours binging all they could on Netflix and needed something else to do… God forbid they pick up a book or a dumbbell… They began seeing these regular deposits in their bank account and then were placed in a place of security when a law was put in place for a temporary time that said no could be evicted for lack of payment because of the health crisis in our nation…. again, no comment on the government’s choices… Some people did the right thing and took that money and paid their bills, bought food, survived, etc. Others took their “free” pandemic bankroll and invested because that is what they heard on Facebook and YouTube that they had been missing the train on, so they ad “free” money to invest without guilt…what a shame. As they invested in things while stocks were literally rising no less… I had people that I haven’t heard from in years that knew I invested in things from my Facebook business page, they reached out and told me how they were buying into things that the stock was rising so they were getting in… Sadly there was no convincing them that some of these things were rising with merit and others were rising due to everyone doing this at the same time. This is similar to the “pump and dump” scheme of the 80s-90s…It operates the same way although without intent… No one is trying to make this happen because ultimately their is no winner in this situation without fluke.

So, what we have now is a market that was inflated based not on merit but on soccer moms and your every day Joe whom hasn’t taken any time to actually learn the stock market but rather invest based on memes and social media clips…. Not real information. We have finally gotten to a place where I believe most people know that Wikipedia isn’t a valid source because any one with a computer can edit it, but people still believe everything on social media… WHY?? Especially when it comes to your money….Oh right, they weren’t investing their dollars… and that’s why they never invested till the pandemic. They began investing when they were given “free” money.

When a stock is hyped up to the point that everyone is buying into it, it becomes increasingly more valuable…Then you have all these people thinking, “Wow, I’ve made so much money, I should cash out”. They then turn around selling their stock, thinking they have made this profit…as small as it may be, they think it is good because they don’t understand the market and cash out. They pumped and then dumped… It isn’t illegal because no one knew this is what they did…and there wasn’t a clear winner either.

And to so many who think the people with deep pockets and the hedge funds are crooks, they rejoiced on social media claiming “it’s about time they suffered and the little guy gets to win.” No, that isn’t what happened at all. The little guy won a little while the little guy next door sold his a day late and didn’t win. The hedge funds and investing gurus never bought into those stocks because they had NO merit. They would never consult YouTube or Facebook for an investment tip…LOL

So, where we are today, is that yes, there are many stocks dropping because of their inability to complete the things they are known for… Car companies that are unable to get their components because factories are backed up and such. This is a real thing. You have to ask yourself if this company has merit… Does it have the ability to succeed? Is it a dip because of the time we are in or is it a dip because of the companies failings and short comings? If it is a time, this is not the time to panic and sell… Stop selling and buy more. Now, if it is a company that is tanking and they do that sometimes, then sell off and get out before it’s too late.

Berkshire Hathaway just bought $22 Billion into new stocks for the first quarter which is the highest they’ve purchased in a quarter since pre-pandemic. Since the pandemic, they have not purchased more than $8 billion in a single quarter… Why is that?

Everyone was inflating the market before and now everyone is cashing out…They know better than to cash out so they are doubling down and leveling up. Your boy over has been doing the same. I don’t got the pockets full of guac that Hathaway has, but I’m in it to win it. This is only a bear market because people are scared and have no interest in learning how the stock market actually works. They are only interested in a quick buck and fast return and that ain’t the way. You got to play the long game if you want the million and billions. You have to educate yourself on how it works or hand your money over to someone that knows what they are doing and allow them to invest for you. This nonsense of social media being your guide…You either get lucky or lose. Period.

Your boy over here is a bull and I’m raging… I see the bears and take ’em out. They either learn to adapt to the growing (yes, I said growing) market or they lose… I win!!

Get Cocky!

“I ask you judge me not by winners but rather my losers because I have so few” -Jordan Belfort

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