Be Appropriately Flexible

Posted: February 2, 2019 in Bayless Enterprises
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A young entrepreneur is on a mission; you have a drive for something…whatever that may be may not be where you truly end up…and that’s okay. This is always a difficult topic to broach as it is important that people take away the correct message. I don’t want you to feel as though you need to walk away from your dreams or your goals. They are YOUR dreams and goals for a reason, and that reason is important. I also don’t want you to feel as though there is anything truly out of the realm of your reach. I am firm believer that all things are within your grasp. If you truly want them, go get them.

The thing is that many times, what you think you want may not be exactly what is true in your heart; don’t fight it.

My homeboy, whom I spoke about in my previous post about the soldiers that have your back, was a mere few credits away from graduating with his Associates Degree when he realized that he was on the wrong path. His passion had changed. What he had thought for so long was where he should be…just wasn’t. He fought hard to make up the credits and double major only for so many of his credits to be lost. He never sat back and looked at them as lost. He simply saw it as a learning experience. HE is very happy and proud of his station as of now. He knows he made the right choices by changing and fighting for where his heart was driving him to be.

I know when I was in school, I was working on getting my degree in psychology and had spoken with counselors and people who worked in both the psych department as well as the social work department. Social work offered me opportunities for experience which was going to be harder to gain in psych. I took those opportunities and thought I was planning to double major until I realized social work just wasn’t where my heart was. I knew quick it wasn’t for me. I learned a lot of great things but was glad I did not opt for the double major because that would have been so many other classes that I just have a passion for. I was only going to do it to potentially further my career…but not the career I wanted…. I was settling.

Did you know….
Kanye West had a desire to design video games. He was hard at work when he was a young teenager pounding the keys trying to develop games believing that this was his future. After putting much time and effort into a game, he sat at the computer trying to develop the score and work in how the music was going to flow through the game, he realized that this was the best part of designing a game. He always had a passion for music but thought gaming was his future. Little did he know…He was a natural producer and rapper. I am aware of the mixed feelings that many have about Kanye…none of that is relevant here…. The point is that he thought he knew where he was going…. even though he was young…he had a plan, he was wrong. Had he not been flexible then and been willing to change and adapt to his new passion, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. Again, you may be a fan and love that he made these choices… or you may have been just fine had Kanye never spit a rhyme. I, myself, am a Kanye fan…I truly respect Kanye on many levels…I do not agree with many things he does and says but that is what makes us human…we are all different and will never agree on everything. But all in all, I have respect for him as an artist and his unmatched passion for his work. …Kanye isn’t the point….

Kanye, my homeboy Garrett, and myself all found ourselves working hard towards something that was not where we were meant to be. Our heart nor our passion wasn’t in it. We had to take stock and pursue where our passion was leading us.

You must be willing to do the same. Be willing to change and adapt. A key aspect to this is to never look at the choices you’ve made and the steps you’ve taken in which you need to redirect your path as lost time or lost efforts… You have lost nothing… the willingness to change is a new gain. If you chose to stubbornly stay where you know you have no place because you are unwilling to “lose” the time you have put in, you are only hurting your future and losing those next steps to stubbornness. Be strong and get where you’re going. Don’t allow anything to get in your way… Not even your own head.

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