I am a good ol boy who was brought up with a pigskin in my hand. Football was just a part of life. (as it should be…haha) I firmly support taking time out to catch the game today…I also encourage taking the day to have a full on celebration…If my Packers were playing today, there would be no way, I wouldn’t have started the party last night…unfortunately, my boys didn’t make it this year…that’s another topic though.

Those early moments in the young stage of your business or company are vital. You need to give your self to the business in order to propel it to the successful level to which you desire it to be. If you are a single man or woman, you have got to give it all you’ve got. If you have a family, you cannot neglect said family to grow your business. You need your family’s support for you to give all you can to the growth of your business.

With all of that being said, for your own sanity, whether you have a family that is needing your attention or you are single, you still need to take a moment to breathe. Take a moment…. watch the big game, catch a movie if you are not a sports fan. If you are like my lovely wife, take a moment to sit and read a good book. Your business needs your attention, but it can survive for a moment without you.

Don’t get so overwhelmed that you walk away from what is truly important to you. Remember why you are building this business in the first place.

I’m gonna go grab a plate of chips and some homemade queso that my hot wife just prepared and kick back to enjoy the game with her and our boys.

My friends…Enjoy the game

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