Just spittin’ truth.
Okay, let’s get into it… You will try and you will fail… and that is okay. You know what… it is more than okay. It is expected. It isn’t expected because of you… this is not a reflection of your abilities, skills, or enormous brain capacity… this is just business. Welcome to being an entrepreneur

If you are not prepared to fail, get ready for it… or start filling out applications… there are plenty of people hiring all over the country.

That sounds harsh, and I’m not sorry because it is what you need to hear. This is why so many aren’t working for themselves; either they have already tried and failed, or they are scared of failure. There is no room for fear… You must overcome that. Know it and accept it… and be prepared for the potential failure and you will be fine… you will learn from said failure and look towards your next victory.

You should not go into any venture expecting failure… If you expect failure in a venture or opportunity, then you should walk away… what would you be doing it for if you expected failure. Now, if that isn’t convoluted enough for you, the idea is that you need to expect and prepare for failure in your overall business experience but not in a specific moment. In each moment, you better go all in with the utmost confidence otherwise, you’re in it for the wrong reason… but no matter how much confidence you have in your many business ventures… and I say many because you are an entrepreneur, and there will be so many opportunities that cross your path… well many of those will appear to be opportunities, but as you will learn later, they were merely illusions. But no matter how much confidence you have in said ventures, some will not make the grade… some were not well thought out from the jump while others are just going to surprise you.

Look, you never know what’s coming at you. You prep, you hustle, you build and construct, and when something inevitably cracks or crumbles, be ready… pick up those pieces, evaluate what cracked, assess the possible solutions to rebuild or determine that this opportunity wasn’t what you thought it could be and time to throw yourself into the next venture.

You are growing and so is the world around you… your business which is set in this ever-changing world is ran by you, it’s ever-changing and growing leader. Things change and what was a great idea last year may not be a great idea now… and maybe it was never a great idea, but only appeared to be based on the biased perspective you had when you were evaluating it before… Do not hold this against yourself. Sometimes you can see these things and other times you won’t. As you grow and learn, you will get inherently better at determining whether something has the longevity it needs to test time… but sometimes, even the most experienced minds don’t see it… but by that point, you are in a growing business and you have diversified in numerous ways to which one business cracking isn’t the end of the world… you just learn from it and move forward.

Always moving forward… Get Cocky… I know I am.

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