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So… This is actually not new… I wrote and published this in a different blog about 6 years ago… only 5 and a half short months after our oldest son was born… I find it just as relevant today as it was then…maybe even more so. Enjoy…

So last night I was reading this article which really got to me just a bit especially having similar topic content to my most recent blog “Smell the Roses.”

So…up in NYC, there is this restaurant that was quite popular and has been there for years but as of recently they began to receive bad reviews. They felt as though business had been steady over the last 10 years and not much has changed. Why are they just now receiving bad reviews after a decade of good reviews. They couldn’t figure it. They even hired new staff to try to compensate for the reviews claiming they were too slow. They eventually hired an investigator to help them get to the bottom of the problem. Get this…10 years ago they had these old Sony systems that recorded their surveillance on tapes. They are now upgraded to digital. By sheer luck, they had the old systems in storage and each of the 4 systems had the last tape still in them. The investigator reviewed the tapes from July 1, 2004, taking notes and comparing the details to the digital recordings from July 3, 2014 which was almost the exact same volume. As he calculated everything, he noticed that it took on average 1:05 from time of arrival to time of departure in 2004 and 1:55 in 2014. When he looked at all the little details, it took on average the same amount of time for them to be greeted at the door, the same amount of time for them to be brought appetizers, same for their meal, their check, and so on….so what was accounting for the difference in time…The people in 2014 all had smart phones. Many of the customers wanted to take photos with their food or have the server take a group photo which they had to review and then take again to get it right. Several wanted to show the  server something on their phone. And several of them either did bump into or nearly bumped into someone as they walked out because they were busy staring at their phone.

In the end, the restaurant is giving the same quality of service as it always has but the customers are now so distracted that they do not even notice and then are displeased when they see the clock after having left. This is outrageous.

What has our society come to? I have been there on a special occasion and taken a photo before at a restaurant so I am not pointing the finger without pointing four back at myself but I can say in my defense that my lovely wife has helped me change so much for the better. Let me clarify that she has not intentionally changed me….I had to say that before I received angry comments. lol
My lovely wife having entered into my life has shown me there is so much more precious things in life and time should not be wasted having been attached to one’s phone. Those beautiful precious moments are lost never to be seen again. Take a tip from me and put that phone in the glove box the next time you go into a restaurant and embrace those moments. I promise you that you will not miss your phone. It will be waiting for you and nothing is going to be so pressing that it cannot wait until you are finished with your meal. Having left your phone aside you will have no distractions to take your eyes off of your beautiful wife’s eyes except for the moment when your little one pours his beverage in his lap…and each of those moments should not be missed. You will treasure them forever.

So, I see all these people on IG posting these ‘day’ photos in which they continue to count their days…”Day 5 of the new year”…”Day 8 of the new year”…. “Day 9, 2020″…. Some of them, I observe them also posting their progress with their resolution or something like that… progress of their fitness/health plan, or progress in their business…

Unfortunately, some of them aren’t really doing anything like that at all…they are simply counting days. Your IG account is your account and you can post whatever you want, but if you want people to care, post content that matters. Progress matters… it inspires, it motivates, it is your own personal accountability… something…

Anything is better than nothing, and just a count of the day, is the equivalent of nothing.

I’m just keepin’ it real. Some of you, and you know who you are, needed to hear this.

This is so frequently misrepresented which makes it harder for those who don’t really value their time properly wrap their head around the concept. I have literally had a friend try to argue that time was time and money was money. As this dude had been a homeboy of mine for many years, I went ahead and quickly let it go and moved on as he had no desire to not work for the man anyways. He was constantly paranoid that he would lose his secure job working for the man at the post office.

Ok… so, the idea is that of course time isn’t literally money… you cannot trade time as currency… or do you do that already? Come on, most of us have done this regularly at some point in our lives and some of you still are and are hoping to grow past that… It is called a job… You are trading your time for a paycheck. That is what money is… in an essence… it is stacks of Ben Franklins that theoretically at one point were a physical representation of some currency that was held at the US Mint… now there are people who debate the validity of that idea for a plethora of reasons… but this is not the forum for that…

When an entrepreneur, business mogul, or growing business owner says the phrase “time is money,” they are referencing a value that they place on their time. The importance of this is when you are deciding how best to manage your time. When you in the early stages and growing your business, you are doing everything on your own; it all falls on you. As you grow and get revenue coming in, and the business begins to thrive, there are much more things you must consider.

You have got to ensure that you are utilizing yourself at your optimum potential. I have watched several people I have known who ran their own businesses miss the mark on this one. They see things as they are successful and making money, they must obviously be doing it right… right?… Not necessarily… There could be more you are missing. I knew a very successful business owner years ago… I helped him many times with his business. He had a reselling business, and he was quite the hustler. He truly was great. He would find things al over town and in neighboring cities for practically nothing… I never knew how he did it… none of us did. The thing was that he lacked organization… or not that he lacked it, he just said it wasn’t important. He could organize when he wanted to… I had seen him do so many times… He just said it wasn’t important. It extremely slowed down his process to be so out of sorts all the time. He was no doubt successful but had aspirations of bigger things… It was ultimately his lack of focus that held him back.

The key again is to know your worth. I had a partner whom I did business with for a good while long ago that would always preach about how he just wasn’t willing to waste time on doing things that were beneath his pay grade. He was extremely successful as well but didn’t really much desires to run his own business because of such things. He had tried to start multiple businesses and when it came to the leg work that is needed to get it going, he just wasn’t making enough money… He was taking this principle to far as it was making him short-sighted. He wasn’t seeing the value in putting in the work to get the business going. He made too much money in commission making sales as he was a huge closer that he just couldn’t give in to the basics.

The idea truly is knowing what you value yourself at… but not losing sight of getting the business going in the first place. Now that you have your thriving business, don’t hesitate to get help, outsource, hire someone.

Why do something that earns you $15 and hour when you know you could easily earn $100 if you were doing something else. That is about as real as gets. If you can earn $100 an hour or even more… which you on your way… then there is no need to do the time-consuming work that earns you $15 an hour.

Time is money… Earn more…


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to sit to plan to ponder to outright pontificate the outlandish possibilities the skys the limit there is no end not in sight for we know no bounds we defy laws of physics as everything is physics the mathematical algorithm that makes up our utter insanity is beyond reproach by any mere mortal as the preposterously astronomical conclusion will inevitably be there is no answer or is there the answer is out there or is it or is it so close that it is right here we sit back and ease into our own comfortability yet while still pushing the boundaries of our own existence in an endless effort to bridge this gap between greatness and insanity as those we pass on a daily basis have the potential to be so much more yet limit themselves constantly as they do not see the future nor do they see the possibilities of what could come of their own efforts so we sit and ponder and ponder again and then in drastic efforts take on the huge feat of conquering the injustice of it all and change what is what was and what those think there is to be but not at first because we must wait as we continue to fill our plate with more and more trying ever so effortlessly to prove that we are the kings and gods that our reputations uphold us to be then only sit back for a mere moment to speculate the possibilities of what it is that we are about to partake in this endless battle that we engulf ourselves in whilst watching the plate overflow and then as the shot of adrenaline surges through our veins we feel the course as it tingles throughout our body and in a single glimmer of an instant we notice that we are no longer sitting and the second hand is upon us and time is on our side as we as if not of our own doing possess the time itself and it flows from us at the last possible instant in the very opportune moment the pieces that make up this intricate jigsaw as if meant to by some greater power now fit together ever so tightly yet gently and with only nanoseconds to spare we feel the rush as all is well…victory is ours