You know you’ve heard it before… and the person who said it to you will swear that it is a real thing and will explain that this is their method… False.

That mess is just that… a mess. Plain and simple, there is no organized chaos in business… A successful business although it may seem chaotic at times to someone on the outside, it is strategic and calculated… otherwise, it won’t ever reach it’s potential. Are you trying to do just what you gotta do to get some cheddar in your pocket or are you trying to build something viable, something strong, something great… You notice there is no question mark at the end of that question because it isn’t really a question. If it was, you wouldn’t be reading this.
My uncle is a man who is quite skilled at what he does. He has a reselling business and is quite the hustler. He is so good and hustlin’ and countin’ his bag, he doesn’t realize that his bag is much lighter than it should be. Don’t get me wrong; of all the people I have known doing this type of work, he is close to the top when you are considering sales… but is he efficient… is he making the most of his bankroll… he truly isn’t. He has endless potential with the skill set that he has in this market. He just won’t tap into it because he claims he loves the organized chaos. He keeps everything in disarray and no rhyme or reason to any of it… not his inventory, not the photos log for his inventory, an overflowing email box, and you wouldn’t be able to find anything on his desk… Now he will claim that he can find anything he needs and that the idea is that he doesn’t want anyone else to find anything… What would they be looking for?… He embraces the organized chaos theory, and this is why he is still doing what he is doing which he is very good at, but he has dreams of doing so much more… Who knows if he will make it there…

Years ago, I used to sling hash… for those who don’t know, I was the head cook for four years in a great kitchen. I loved it. It was fun, it was busy… I love to cook and love moving fast. It was a fun adventure in my life while it lasted… Well, point is I remember a phrase that I would here around the kitchen and have heard in many kitchens since then. “A dirty cook is a working cook.” Total nonsense. You do not just get dirty because you are hustlin’. They had mostly red aprons and some white aprons in the kitchen I worked in. Most people preferred the red because it would take longer before you’d notice the grime… Not me nor my homeboys, Poncho and Everisto… We rocked the white shirts with black slacks and just thought the white aprons looked tight. We had to look as cool as we could… I’ll tell you right now that the three of us never really had a problem keeping clean. None of us really liked to be dirty and we were slingin hash in a kitchen that was pretty busy… all the other cooks just got so dirty… When a manager or someone would justify their filth with the phrase, “a dirty cook is a working cook.” Yeah, we never really appreciated that. We were definitely not dirty, and I’ll tell you… myself included, you won’t find a cook elsewhere that hustled like we did… no question. At the end of the night, we were still lookin’ so fresh and so clean. Haha

What it is ladies and gentlemen… It is excuses. Anyone who is falling short of the glory they should be reaching will have plenty of excuses why opposed to realizing that they should be doing it differently.

It starts with pride… whether you are an entrepreneur or not… you need to take some pride in your work. Whether you are slingin’ hash, flippin’ a burger, mopping a floor, or building your own empire… take some pride in it and do it well. Some of you will read this and think it silly to take pride in mopping a floor… Do the best possible job you can so one day you will not be mopping that floor. Take pride in your work. At the end of the day, be proud knowing that your work is a representation of you to others. And if you are an entrepreneur, everything you do reflects to the success of your business as does the success of your business reflect on you. It is a cycle. Be proud and embrace that cycle.

‘nough said… Get Cocky.

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