It should be obvious if you’ve followed my writing or if you know me at all; I am a fan of hip hop… It truly is a part of who I am… It has been for as long as I can remember. I respect and understand that it may not be for everybody as nothing ever is, but for me, I find it empowering… There is truly something special about it… My Mom raised me with an incredibly wide range of musical influences. I listened to everything from AC/DC to Air Supply, REO Speedwagon to Earth, Wind, & Fire, Michael Jackson & the Jackson 5, Prince, Tone Loc, the Bee Gees, Lauren Hill, Boston, Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley, & Chicago… and on top of that, we were raised in a good old fashion Southern Baptist church so we were brought singing right out of old school hymnals. I can tell you honestly that all the music touched me in special ways… Music has always been such a powerful thing in my life. Hip hop has always just had this powerful impact on me… but just like any other genre of music, it’s not all good… sometimes, a song isn’t good… sometimes, an artist isn’t quite the artist people build them up to be… and sometimes even a great artist or lyricist can just put down some bad lyrics… It happens.

In hip hop, there is a lot of ego that gets thrown around all the time… many have this idea of a lifestyle they must live up to in order to fit or compete… There are so many who break that mold and don’t fit in this idea of what the lifestyle is… The reality is it about the music or at least it should be. It should all be driven by something meaningful and then it is what is sustainable, and the money will come.

“I get money,” “I get paid,” and “got stacks on deck” are all phrases that have been spouted again and again… You may be able to drop bars, but are those bars paying in dividends? Are you really getting paid? Do you got stacks on stacks? Are you fronting? Are you playing like your bankin’?

It is one thing to drop bars and spout rhymes about getting cash all day long; it is an entirely different thing to actually get paid.

Jay Z has said it time and again, he ain’t about livin’ rich and dyin’ broke. He is all about financial freedom… That is what we are preachin’ here today. You’ve got to make better choices. You are here reading now because you have ambitions of running your own business and growing something great; be sure you’re doing it wisely. You have your entire life to live the life of luxury when you have made it. When you’re trying to make it, don’t burn through the money coming in on appearing rich and wealthy.

Make wise choices and make it happen. Make it happen and get there and then live that luxury lifestyle.

Ain’t no sense in appearing rich if you ain’t never gonna make it there because of your reckless irresponsible choices today.

Whatever your passion is, make it happen and get there be sure you are properly motivated and going where you want to be going…

At the end of the day… You can sing it… Can you bring it…

Get Cocky

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