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Confession time…. Sorry to disappoint, but it isn’t as juicy as the title may have led on… I looked in my fridge the other day… I had been hard at work for hours. I had been poundin’ away at the keys for longer than I even know. I had gotten up to wrangle my boys a few times, but I was in the zone. I was feeling hungry and a bit thirsty… when I opened the fridge and noticed there was nothing to drink in the fridge besides my boys’ juices and some milk and on the top shelf, Rockstars and Coke… I had actually gotten so consumed in my work and keeping up with my boys that day that I didn’t realize until it was about an hour till their dinner time and all I had put in myself was Rockstars and Coke… I had a day where I was in a zone… I was literally juggling tending to my boys all day… which if you have ever met them, I assure you, there’s no way your kids could keep up with the energy level of my boys. Our two wonderful boys are so amazing… but they are fast. I mean really fast… anyways. I had managed to keep up with them, made them breakfast, lunch, tended to little bumps and bangs as they happen, and even managed to get them to clean up their toys after plating… all of this while I poundin’ away at my laptop all day. I just kept my laptop open and kept on runnin’. I was hustlin’ and in the zone… I managed to feed them but never feed myself… I know we have all been there, but it isn’t good for us.

A lot of my tips and advice is directed to you as I am hoping to help and encourage you with the knowledge I have gained from my years of experience running my own businesses and helping others with theirs… but this one I am directing at us as it is something I take seriously only sometimes and others…. Well…

We have got to take care of ourselves. It is so important that we are mindful of what we are eating… or even more importantly we need to be sure we aren’t so consumed with work that we don’t eat. You must take those moments to care for yourself and make sure that all the fight and drive you are putting into your business… that you’ll be around and healthy to reap the benefits of all your victories.

That’s it…short and sweet… Just keep some perspective. At the end of the day, you’re adults for crying out loud… you got this.

Till next time, homies… Peace & Hair Grease

You accept it right from the jump that you will face trials and tribulation… If you accept it now, it will be much easier to tackle it when you walk right through it. It is all a matter of time. Be ready for these things; you can obviously not prepare and plan for every possible form of adversity… but key is to prepare for the idea of adversity.

Frequently people find ways to escape reality… That is only going to set back your progress and stifle your ability to overcome the problem at hand. I know people close to me who have their own forms of escape. They find ways to escape into a book or a video game or binge watch a tv show. Do not get me wrong, in it of itself, none of these are bad things… The problem doesn’t lie in the objects, yet their purpose… or more clearly, the motivation behind their use.

Although I will not argue that it has valid benefits other than simple entertainment, I, just like my Momma, enjoy watching tv. Now, when it comes to video games, it is all within perspective and a level of moderation. There have been many studies with evidence to suggest that video games promote a higher level of hand eye coordination; this seems to be a clear benefit; some would argue, why is that necessary… an argument for others to have… I do not choose to engage in such a topic. With books… you will never hear me express any reason to not read a book. I am a firm believer as are many other entrepreneurs and teachers that reading and learning should never stop. I mention other like-mined people in this instance not as evidence to support my claims moreover, to give credit as this is not an original idea and I appreciate giving credit where it is due. Continuing to read and educate one’s self is not a new idea…it is just something that needs to be reminded to each other as sometimes we forget.

Back on point… none of these things in themselves are harmful, some can even be beneficial within proper context and based on proper motivation.

What is driving to do them? Of you want to sit back and play some video games, catch a movie, watch your favorite show or just enjoy a book, these are all choice ways to enjoy some free time. I wouldn’t presume myself arrogant enough to tell you how you should enjoy your free time, but that isn’t what we are speaking on. We are talking about time that should be focused on your business. When something finds itself in your way, you need to be prepared to handle it and take it down opposed to needing a moment to escape. When you find yourself in a book, game, or tv just because you need to get away, you need to be making different choices in life or business. You shouldn’t need to escape; you need better coping skills. You need to accept that life happens, and problems arise even in business… even when you have made perfectly sound choices for your business… things happen, and things do not always go according to plan. It is okay when they don’t; you can handle it.

Escaping isn’t psychologically helpful, nor is it beneficial to the success of your business. Your business needs you. You need to be ready for you’re in for. Don’t fear the adversity; learn to thrive in it. It is going to keep coming for you; you are bigger and stronger.

Don’t hide.