In light of the recent controversy surrounding last night’s Grammy’s, I find this to be a perfect topic. There has been drama surrounding the Grammy’s for as long as I can remember. A good majority of the time, it is something silly… at least that is my opinion… considering that people will argue these things endlessly at nauseum, I suppose it isn’t silly to them… All of this is perpetuated by social media… I digress…

In my opinion one of the most relevant moments in Grammy history was in 1989 when Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff were nominated and ultimately won Best Rap Performance for “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. They chose to stay home and not attend, boycotting the event because the hip hop portion of the award show would not be aired on tv. When questioned, with Jeff backing him up, Will simply said that they intended to sit at home so one day, others wouldn’t have to. They took a stand because they felt in unfair that their genre of music wasn’t being respected. This was a key moment when Jazz and Will took a stand and said they were not only proud of who they were but were willing to walk away from accolades in which they felt they were not being given proper respect.

I would like to enlighten you to the fact that there isn’t much new to launch… Everything has been done… maybe I’m wrong, but when was the last time you saw something new? It is just new versions and dressed up a new way or presented in a new manner…

This is both a disadvantage and an advantage… What can you offer that isn’t already out there? What can you do that no one else can? Well, the answer is simple… Give them you… Just you. Whatever business it is you are marketing or what skill you are promoting… Give yourself in it. Give it your twist. Everything I do, believe me… It has all been done. There are plenty of people who can sell products, plenty who advertise or market ideas, plenty who coach people in their lives as well as business…. Everything I do, people have done before me… But what I do, is I give them me, Corey B. There ain’t no other good ol fashion, God Lovin’, hip hop thumpin’ Irish Texan that does things quite the way I do… that speaks in quite the manner I do. I have a special way that I speak…I have a way I talk… I have a background in psychology as well as statistics and experimental design which gives me a special perspective that many business minded people do not have. I’m Corey B. I’m loud and proud, I ‘Get Cocky’ on the regular…. Matter of fact I’m pretty cocky presently… Are you feelin’ it?

There are so many ideas out there and it is easy to sit back and think, “Oh I could do that” or “they should be doing that better”…. There is only one of you… The particular combination of your skill set along with your personality, your background, the who and what that makes you, you. Embrace who you are and give all of you in what you are doing and that is how you make your mark and set yourself apart from the others. If you are on the few who can do something completely new, that is freakin’ awesome… but if you can just give yourself permission to be you and make your mark, you are light years ahead of the masses and there you have it… you have a legacy… and that is how you build your business and build your brand.

I hope you have gotten a little more insight in to who Corey B actually is… if you are still not clear, stay tuned my friends… and Get Cocky

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