This is a simple enough concept but sometimes needs to be reiterated as we sometimes forget just how important it is… You are launching your own business! You are getting it going! You are the one investing time, money, and efforts into the growth! You! You! YOU!

I can’t even begin to emphasize this enough… You are the one you can count on and You are the one who needs to be ready to hurdle any obstacle in your way. This isn’t a roll of the dice… You are not hoping things will work out. You need to be confident and decisive. You need to be decisive in your choices and know the direction you are taking… You need to know what is next and where you’re going. You need confidence in not just the choices you are making but in the ability to initiate said decision. Many people come up with great ideas but when it comes to initiation of said ideas, they can sometimes fizzle out. You need no fizzle… you need more sizzle my nizzle… fo’ rizzle. Ya feel me?!

To simple words have been sang loud and proud by me and my homeboy for years now and I think they sum it all up nicely…. Get Cocky

You have got to believe in what you are doing and make it happen already. No one is going to make it happen for you nor should they. We aren’t talking about gambling…. No dice rolling… no lottery here… you want wealth and success; get it going and make it happen already! You have the potential and the ability… There is no reason to let anything stand in your way. The time is now… Your time is now! …I said it and I’ll say it again… Get Cocky.

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