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Now, I want to I say all I say with the utmost respect for all those who have fallen ill or have died from this horrible virus… I say all I say not with insensitivity but rather with with conviction as this is a time for us to rise up and reach for more.

This virus is but a virus… and this but a mere moment which is only a glimpse in the span of our lives… If it were not blown out of proportion, it would be so much more easily forgotten… I wish not for it to be a moment that is forgotten. I also do not wish for it to be remembered as the moment when we were succumbed to panic based on the media or the silly things being posted across social media…

I desire for this to be the moment in which we remember rising up and overcome the moment. I want this to be the moment we can look back and say that was the turning point for my business, for my family, for my life.

The power is in your hands…let’s make this moment of reckoning…the time in which we took charge of things in our lives and in our businesses. We have a choice to be made. Will we look at this virus as a set back and allow it to disrupt our lives and slow down our progress, or will we take this opportunity and see it as set up to reach for something greater? I can tell you about it but I can’t make the choice for you. You have got to make the choice for your self.

Some of us are being sent home without pay while few others may be receiving pay but are still being sent home to be quarantined with the family. This is an opportunity for you to build something more. You have the chance to really think and devise that plan you have marinated on for some time now. This is the chance to really take a chance and grow and develop that business or even just a side hustle that you have pondered for some time now yet always found some excuse to not get it up and going… The excuses have been stripped from you; you have nothing but time and opportunity.

Let’s also take this time to reach out to one another… Let’s reach out in moral and emotional support… Lift one another up. Give regular encouragement as there is plenty of success to go around, but there isn’t enough encouragement.

This time is ours… it will not break us. Let’s show the world and ourselves just what we’re made of!

Get Cocky


Happy New Year to you and yours on this beautiful new day… I am lovin it here in beautiful Texas… Wherever you are, I hope you are loving life…if not, that is exactly what this is all about is Growth…

So many talk about reinventing yourself in the new year… I have always found New Year’s Eve to be such an awesome night to bond with friends and family and look towards the future… With that being said, it is not time to reinvent; it is time to grow towards the future. Where are you now and where do you want to be?

I hope among the hustle and the partying last night that you found some moments to truly reflect, but that time is not over. Spend some time today reflecting upon things and focusing on what you want out of life. As I said, I hope you are happy and loving life, but there is more for you… There is always more. God intends more for you then you could ever imagine.

So, what you have to do is stop thinking within your own bounds…. Stop allowing other people, society in general or even your own mind tell you what you can accomplish. Whatever you think you can accomplish is so incredibly small compared to you actual ability.

For your sake, do not limit yourself to what you can imagine.

I had a friend who asked me once, “If you are living the dream, what will you do tomorrow?”

I simply responded, “We’re in Texas… I’m gonna go home tonight and dream bigger… wake up tomorrow and live that dream.”

If you reach the point where you are getting all you wanted out of life, think bigger, dream bigger, and reach for more.

There are times in your life when you may need to reinvent yourself, your business, or just an idea or concept… A new calendar year is a new beginning and to me, is a significant point to which you should evaluate where you are and where you are going… what it is not, is a significant moment and time to reinvent.

Welcome to 2020… Let’s grow!


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I am building a brand and an empire… Another thing to work on in 2020…Shameless Self-Promoting… Don’t be afraid

I am taking this moment and using my platform to speak out about where I am and define a change. I will not be held by my situation but use it to thrust me in a new direction.
As I told you all a couple weeks ago in my last post, I have had my Mom on my mind which has been a bit of a distraction when it comes to my writing. I have found this strange and conflicting. Mom always encouraged me to write and be creative; she loved to write and draw. She was such an amazing woman, and I am so thankful for all she taught and the way she inspired me. She is still inspiring me every day. It is because of the thoughts of her lately that have driven me to take my business in new directions and grow and thrive but for some reason, my writing has suffered…
It has seemed that when I sit to write that my thoughts are either on her and my focus is lost or my thoughts are all over the place keeping me distracted from my writing. That ends today. That is not who she would want me to be. She would want me to grow and thrive…she would want me to express myself. She loved that she was able to do that with her art work. She also wrote songs and played guitar… She has taught me to be inspired by music and the things in this beautiful God given world that surround me. I am so blessed.
I am taking charge and taking control of my thoughts and my attention. Thoughts of Mom will not leave me… They will help me harness control of things and stay laser focused.
Mom always wanted to have everything that she could offer to my brother, sister, and me. She never had desires of being successful in business or have accolades plastered on her wall. Although, she was an accomplished business woman which always drove me to want to be my own boss.
Her accomplishments were us…her babies. That is all she ever wanted to be was a Mommy, and there is no question she was one of the best to have ever walked the planet. I only hope I am a fraction of the amazing parent that she was. Everyone knew how amazing she was…growing up, all our close friends just called her Mom…because that’s how she treated them. She would give them anything they needed; she fed our friends, cared for them, helped them, guided and counseled with them. She was an amazing Mom and friend to everyone she met.
She was proud of our success and wanted us to be successful. We were her success.
I am not going to fall short or fail her now… I know she would never see anything I do as a failure. She would see it as nothing more than a setback… or as my Pastor always says, “a setup” for God’s next big thing. She always thought that way…similar to Pastor. My Pastor Poncho sees all of life’s obstacles as new opportunities for God to Wow His children and show us His love and endless grace and mercy. Mom was the same way…she was a child of God and beyond convinced of her children’s abilities and knew that God was with her babies, and they were going to be great at whatever they did in life.
I know my brother is thriving more now than he has in years, and Mom is his inspiration. I want to be the same way. I want to allow her to continue to encourage me and be my strength. This distraction that I have had lately is done…no more will I allow my own head to get in my way.
Mom, I love you…Thank you for all the inspiration and guidance…you have not even begun to stop teaching me. I am so blessed and thankful that you were my Mommy.
To all who have continued to follow me and stay tuned even amongst the last couple of weeks in which I have had a little drought; I say thank you… You will be glad you have stayed tuned in as I have great new content coming. That is my commitment to you.
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Corey B. is with you all the way. Let’s Get Cocky.

For the last few days, I’ve tried to sit down and write and had to move onto other projects… I just couldn’t get my head in it. My thoughts have been consumed by the longing for my Mom.

For those who don’t already know, I lost my Mom just over a year ago and I was very accustomed to getting to have my daily conversation with her. It was something that had become so important to me. When life got busy and we only had a few moments to chat, we still had those few moments… occasionally she would not be feeling well and not make to the phone and she would endlessly apologize the next day for the time we had lost just chatting with one another… I always tried to reassure her that it was so sill to apologize as she would tell me the same if I had been running all day and not called her until late.

We both felt those moments were so important and were saddened when we missed them; thankfully, it was rare that we actually missed them.

I long for those moments now in ways I can not even put into words. I have lost multiple family members and always knew that Mom would always be there. She had suffered most of her life fight illness that doctors said would take her away from us at a young age. She fought harder than any doctor had ever seen. She was active in athletics with me, my brother, and my sister. She was incredible beyond words.

She fought through everything for us… She would remind us regularly that we were what saved her.

I don’t think I ever truly conveyed to her all she did for me. She was more than my Mom…. From the time I was little, she was the one I could trust in and confide in. She was my biggest fan; she reminded me regularly that I was her hero and one day she would grow up to be like me… little did she know that I just wanted to make her proud. She told me tails of her and Dad and their business ventures which drove me to desires of success and to run my own business one day.

Daily, I tend to my garden with my boys just the way she taught me and gardened with me when I was a little boy. It is so incredibly therapeutic to work in my garden and talk to Mom while I do it… If only she could be here with me… She is always in my heart and inspires all I do.

She sung so beautifully and encouraged us as kids to sing and be joyful and to worship the Lord proudly… She also began teaching my daughter, Mariah to play the guitar… She taught herself to play guitar on her friend’s twelve string steel string guitar when she was younger and loved to play and write music. She had dreams of us playing together for the boys… I was not as quick to pick it up but one day I will be playing great music for the boys as she dreamt we would. She had written songs that I wish I knew…

She always had music on in the house… Linda Ronstadt, Air Supply, Billie Idol, Prince & the Revolution, Boston, Bruce Springsteen Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5… These were just a few of my favorites, but you better believe that the list went on and on.

She encouraged me in all the different music I listened to and attempted to play. She bought me my first keyboard when I was just a kid and got me my first guitar lesson when I was a teenager.

I grew up watching her soaps with her and watching Lifetime movies… we also watched action movies like Die Hard and Lethal Weapon… We really just had fun together… Even when we had no money and things just didn’t line up right for the month, she never let us know. She would make hotdogs and mac and cheese and have us pick movies to watch and we’d have family movie night on Friday night and stay up late… sometimes inviting friends and other times, just family. She made everything in our lives feel special. She made everything fun.

Just like and mom or dad, she made mistakes… as a dad myself, that is something that can not be avoided… mistakes will be made, none of us are perfect. As we grew older, she always held on to her mistakes. She would apologize all the time for not being a good enough mommy. She would ask me if I remembered good times from my childhood. She would ask if I thought she was a good mom when we were younger always reminded her that she was a great mom and I never held onto her mistakes. I never even thought of them until she wanted to talk about them. They didn’t affect me the way she thought they did. To me, I think that is something that caring parents do… I know I always wonder if the mistake I’ve made will affect the boys, but I do not dwell on them or hold onto those thoughts. I made me sad to think my mom held onto them so much.

I wish so much that she knew how much power she gave me. So much confidence she built inside me. As a child, she taught me that the word ‘can’t’ was a bd word; I was not allowed to say. She always told me that I could do anything and to never say the word ‘can’t’.

There is no question, that I am the man she taught me to be. I am Corey B. because this is who my Mom inspired me to be.

This is a huge part of who I am. As I mentioned, I have just had some difficulty writing the last few days, so I had to share this. Maybe it will inspire some of you… I know it helped me.

Thank you for reading.

No matter what business you are in or how successful you believe yourself to be, there is always more… Never settle or sell yourself short. There will always be more. It is just a matter of how much do you want to be involved in? And how much are you willing to adapt?

Be flexible… and be willing to learn.

For a moment look at someone like Richard Branson…the Rebel Billionaire himself. He founded Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, years ago he began work on a space program. He even funded the company Love Sac which is just a little random.
Jim Jones made his way spittin’ bars as a rapper. From there, he was in a group, Dipset, and got into producing. He now owns a company that provides cell service and is looking into new investments.
IceCube is very well known for being one of the founding members of the rap group N.W.A. as well as his later success as an actor; he also started his own show, Hip Hop Squares, and even owns a 3 on 3 basketball league.

The point here is that these are extremely successful individuals that aren’t banking only on their initial claim to fame… they grew, they adapted, they diversified; you must be willing to do the same. Grow your business into a thriving success and then begin to look towards the future and see what’s next. There are endless opportunities out there if you are ready to get out there and grab a hold of them.

Be cautious to not over-commit and spread yourself too thin… but get it going already. Once your business is thriving, it is time to begin growing the next one… once that is thriving, it is time to move on to the next… sometimes, there may be opportunities for the next before one is thriving… you have to make the best possible call when faced with this… you can always grow more than one at the same time… don’t allow yourself to be sucked in and find yourself over-committed.

Get started on your next big thing. Invest in businesses, stocks, opportunities.

Grow. Nurture. Thrive.

No matter where you are and how high you have reached… Reach for more.

What’s the last book you read? How often do you sit and read a book?

This is an important thing… It is frequently an overlooked part of success…

It is important to continue learning and expanding your horizons; it truly never ends. The rich and successful spend more time reading than they do watching television… and I am not referring to random fiction. They are reading things that expand their minds or help them grow in their field of expertise.

It is also important to know that it can be incredibly helpful to read things written by your peers. Doctors, psychologists, scientists and theologians are constantly reading works written by their peers. Sometimes we need to be reminded that this is not only okay, but the best way to broaden your horizons. Sometimes, in business, people allow their pride or ego get in the way of progress. You never want to take someone’s ideas…that is stealing and wrong and will almost never help you; it nearly always blows up in your face. You do not want to waste time and efforts on something like this. But we all get influence in everything we encounter… it is only natural that influence is all around is… it is just a matter of whether we pick up on it.

The idea that it is all around us, as I have expressed many times before, you already have ideas and direction… it is what makes you, you. But there is always room to grow and learn. The most successful people know better than to stop learning and being open to growth. You must be on that level.

The reality is that you may need to adjust your train of thought or maybe there is that little something that you need to know that you may not have been aware of before.
When I was about 22… I was young and eager to learn more and more and grow myself into a business mogul; at the time, I was really open to so many possibilities and always had an interest in real estate because of a small collective of people I knew. My cousin was a realtor and a friend that I had worked with for some time had been flipping houses and was quite good at it. My uncle ran his own business, but it was simply built by him without any investments as his began as a fluke (that is a story for another day). My Mom and Dad had multiple successful and some not so successful businesses as did my grandma. I had another close friend that at the time seemed a lot like me with ambitions of success and was eagerly seeking new opportunities. He knew some things about business and he and I had began working on some business adventures together. Nearly all did fizzle out… (stories for another time…) you do learn from the ones that fail… sometimes more than the successes. Having been under the influence of so many people with what I thought was the right mentality, I felt I had a pretty good base of business knowledge already from a young age… having said that, I was ready to learn more; I wanted to soak up everything like a sponge.
So, I went with a friend to a seminar on real estate thinking I would learn so much… from this particular experience, my friend and I both walked away feeling as though we had missed something… we were aware that we were not yet moguls nor were we successful business men yet. We were just trying to get started, but we felt like we already knew most of the information that was presented at this seminar. We weren’t sure what we were missing, yet we were excited about the one little nugget of info that neither of us at that time knew… Neither of us knew about a ‘hard-money loan’ nor did we have any idea of how such a thing would work. We walked out of their looking shocked that we felt aware of most of the rest of information but were stoked that we both looked to one another and said nearly at the same time, “what about that hard money loan?… Yeah, that’s pretty tight.”

My friend who had been flipping houses for some time now, never did it that way. He had his own system which he shared with me and seemed much more challenging but for him it worked. Him and his wife had a system. Their system worked for them. You will always find new information even if just a small detail… that detail may not be ideal for you, but you have at least expanded your knowledge and some day it could be what you need. Or today, it could be a game changer. You never really know. You must be open to learning. The fact that what you have going works, doesn’t mean there isn’t more out there… something better or more efficient. You may learn that something you were doing just a s a hobby, could really be your future… Be willing to learn.

Pick up a book.

You ready for this? It’s time for a little tough love… Let’s get real.

It doesn’t matter if this is the first business you are getting off the ground or if you have multiple already out there earning for you… Key is to always know what you are getting into before deciding to partner with someone. There are many questions that need to be addressed in order to really asses whether this is an investment that you should be getting involved in.

There are the obvious ones… What’s the idea? … What are we selling/doing?

One of the most important questions is… Who am I am getting into business with? If your answer to this is, “my homeboy”… “my sister”… “my best friend”… None of those answers are the correct ones. The questions is not what is this persons’ relationship to you… It is who are they?
What is their background?
What is their experience?
What is their knowledge?
What is their drive and motivation?
Most importantly…what is their investment? Are they giving time, efforts, knowledge, money…what are they bringing to the table… That is the key here.

When someone is bringing invaluable knowledge to the table, then lesser monetary investment is acceptable. Substantial
contribution must be made by all parties.

You must know your partner is your partner and not a scrub. Trust me there are plenty of scrubs out there who are going to jump at the chance to partner with someone who is going to front all the money and do all the work. Friends and family can quickly get you pulled into something. They are someone you trust and care for… they will get to talking one day with all good intentions. Before you know it y’all have discussed this elaborate idea and all sounds good but there is no foundation… Your partner lacks the drive and ambition that you have. You will quickly find yourself in over your head and sinking when your partner isn’t giving into this new business venture the way that you are. No matter how good the idea or potential of said venture is, it isn’t worth it if you are in alone. They have got to be in it with you.

If someone is going to come at you with an idea, they better come correct… they better come with cash in hand and be ready to put in the time and work.

I caution you against working with friends or family… It is just a caution as things need to be kept professional and many times people who are close to you can easily cross lines, even accidentally… Things can get blurry and that isn’t what you want. You need to feel comfortable and confident being able to keep things professional and calling them out when your partner isn’t putting it all in and pulling their weight.

There is a lot of ideas here that are all valid and significant for different reasons and all come together under the same principle of being cautious who you get into business with. Follow and keep up with my other posts and we will touch on some of these other concepts a little deeper. For now, they key is to not partner with an idea… don’t get into something deep with someone just because the idea seems good or plausible or because of the source of the idea… you need an investment… you need a partner to bring the cheddar and lay down some of the leg work ahead of time to give you confidence in their ability and willingness to out in the work.

You have a new concept… you need a partner… you ready to Get Cocky… expect them to Get Cocky with you otherwise… go it alone. You’ll be better off.

In light of the recent controversy surrounding last night’s Grammy’s, I find this to be a perfect topic. There has been drama surrounding the Grammy’s for as long as I can remember. A good majority of the time, it is something silly… at least that is my opinion… considering that people will argue these things endlessly at nauseum, I suppose it isn’t silly to them… All of this is perpetuated by social media… I digress…

In my opinion one of the most relevant moments in Grammy history was in 1989 when Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff were nominated and ultimately won Best Rap Performance for “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. They chose to stay home and not attend, boycotting the event because the hip hop portion of the award show would not be aired on tv. When questioned, with Jeff backing him up, Will simply said that they intended to sit at home so one day, others wouldn’t have to. They took a stand because they felt in unfair that their genre of music wasn’t being respected. This was a key moment when Jazz and Will took a stand and said they were not only proud of who they were but were willing to walk away from accolades in which they felt they were not being given proper respect.

I would like to enlighten you to the fact that there isn’t much new to launch… Everything has been done… maybe I’m wrong, but when was the last time you saw something new? It is just new versions and dressed up a new way or presented in a new manner…

This is both a disadvantage and an advantage… What can you offer that isn’t already out there? What can you do that no one else can? Well, the answer is simple… Give them you… Just you. Whatever business it is you are marketing or what skill you are promoting… Give yourself in it. Give it your twist. Everything I do, believe me… It has all been done. There are plenty of people who can sell products, plenty who advertise or market ideas, plenty who coach people in their lives as well as business…. Everything I do, people have done before me… But what I do, is I give them me, Corey B. There ain’t no other good ol fashion, God Lovin’, hip hop thumpin’ Irish Texan that does things quite the way I do… that speaks in quite the manner I do. I have a special way that I speak…I have a way I talk… I have a background in psychology as well as statistics and experimental design which gives me a special perspective that many business minded people do not have. I’m Corey B. I’m loud and proud, I ‘Get Cocky’ on the regular…. Matter of fact I’m pretty cocky presently… Are you feelin’ it?

There are so many ideas out there and it is easy to sit back and think, “Oh I could do that” or “they should be doing that better”…. There is only one of you… The particular combination of your skill set along with your personality, your background, the who and what that makes you, you. Embrace who you are and give all of you in what you are doing and that is how you make your mark and set yourself apart from the others. If you are on the few who can do something completely new, that is freakin’ awesome… but if you can just give yourself permission to be you and make your mark, you are light years ahead of the masses and there you have it… you have a legacy… and that is how you build your business and build your brand.

I hope you have gotten a little more insight in to who Corey B actually is… if you are still not clear, stay tuned my friends… and Get Cocky