No matter what business you are in or how successful you believe yourself to be, there is always more… Never settle or sell yourself short. There will always be more. It is just a matter of how much do you want to be involved in? And how much are you willing to adapt?

Be flexible… and be willing to learn.

For a moment look at someone like Richard Branson…the Rebel Billionaire himself. He founded Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, years ago he began work on a space program. He even funded the company Love Sac which is just a little random.
Jim Jones made his way spittin’ bars as a rapper. From there, he was in a group, Dipset, and got into producing. He now owns a company that provides cell service and is looking into new investments.
IceCube is very well known for being one of the founding members of the rap group N.W.A. as well as his later success as an actor; he also started his own show, Hip Hop Squares, and even owns a 3 on 3 basketball league.

The point here is that these are extremely successful individuals that aren’t banking only on their initial claim to fame… they grew, they adapted, they diversified; you must be willing to do the same. Grow your business into a thriving success and then begin to look towards the future and see what’s next. There are endless opportunities out there if you are ready to get out there and grab a hold of them.

Be cautious to not over-commit and spread yourself too thin… but get it going already. Once your business is thriving, it is time to begin growing the next one… once that is thriving, it is time to move on to the next… sometimes, there may be opportunities for the next before one is thriving… you have to make the best possible call when faced with this… you can always grow more than one at the same time… don’t allow yourself to be sucked in and find yourself over-committed.

Get started on your next big thing. Invest in businesses, stocks, opportunities.

Grow. Nurture. Thrive.

No matter where you are and how high you have reached… Reach for more.

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