People always want to find a reason… People are also quick to point a finger as to absolve themselves of the blame.

Bottom line… Your business, your fault, your problem. You must take responsibility for your station in life and business. Take action if you’d like it to be different. You can’t lay the blame elsewhere if your business is not the success you’d like it to be or if your bankroll isn’t fat as you wish. Get it there and get yours.

This falls upon you; you’ve got to take the necessary action and get it done. This idea that someone can take your success or ‘take your bag’ (your pay day). There are so many ways to get paid… If you’re not getting paid, you aren’t doing it right. Either you aren’t doing it good enough or you aren’t marketing yourself in the proper manner. Whatever it is, you’ve got to learn, adjust, and make it happen.

Again, it is your business… Your bankroll… This is your success that is in your hands… It falls on you.

This is intimidating to so many. Those who are easily intimidated aren’t meant to be entrepreneurs. They just aren’t built for it. You don’t get intimidated; you rise up, take charge, and get what’s yours.

It truly is that simple. If you feel you can’t handle this kind of pressure, this isn’t for you…time to walk away. You might be more comfortable working a 9-5 for someone else, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to work for yourself, it all rests on you and at the end of the day, there is no one to blame… It is all you, and that is a good thing… That is how it should be.

Let’s keep it real, nobody can take your bag…

Get Cocky

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