It is completely reasonable that there are people that would prefer to have a career working for someone opposed to being an entrepreneur… It isn’t the career path for everyone.

Whether working for someone else or not, you should still get your worth. Unfortunately, most people do not. The reality is that most people are paid for their time. This is not an unreasonable thing; it is actually the most commonly accepted form of employment. But it is most definitely not the ideal…especially if you are seeking financial freedom and monetary wealth. You need to not be paid for time but better yet be paid for services… or even better, paid for results.

This is the idea…When you are paid for time, there is only so much time you can put in, and you can do nothing to really change that. You can work hard and get raises and potentially promotions… at the end of the day, you are still limited by the amount of time you actually have… there is still only 24 hours in a day and only 168 hours in a week. How many of those hours can you spare? At some point you must sleep, eat, shower… live your life… Hourly wages is something that limits your potential.

Now, when it comes to being paid for skill, there is a market for said skill… there is a ‘going rate’ for that skill… There somewhat of a standard for what is a reasonable price for this skill which limits you being able to make more that that rate… It may be a great amount of money and you may be more than pleased with it, but you are still being limited by what is accepted to be the norm as well as by the amount of times you can perform this skill in a given week.

So, what you are really looking for is to be paid based on results… of course first you need that high-valued skill… if you have one, you need to market it. If you have yet to really pinpoint yours, get on it… that is your first task is to get that skill down and get it marketed. The principle here is you are aiming to get paid based on your results which means you are only as good as your reputation for said skill. This skill may be turning out a product or a service, but you need to build a reputation for yourself and market yourself in a way as to be paid for your results. When you can produce results that others can not, then you have the power and authority to set the price for said results. This is the sweet spot… That is the place you want to get to.

The reason that so many are not seeking this themselves is that there is a lot of risk involved. In order to develop your skill to that level, market it to the right people in the right way, and acquire the reputation you need to succeed, there is no limit to the amount of work you may have to put in. You may be pulling twelve- or fourteen-hour days or even longer sometimes… you may lose sleep and accept having no free time and no outside life to speak of… This is key to getting there… but once you are there, you will be setting your own hours, time lines, and price points. It will take a lot of work.
Remember, you are trying to offer results that no one else can… and then get paid for those results.

At that point… You have arrived. You’re running the show. There are no limits to your success. You’re in the butter zone now… You’re developing monetary wealth and building something like no one else.

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