Failure is truly a part of success… With success, comes failure.

Do not allow failure to be a deterrent nor a discouragement. You need not feel any type of way about a failure other than motivated.

Motivation should be significantly boosted by failure. Sometimes these failures can be traced back to things you should have seen and done differently; other times, things can be out of your control. At the end of the day, learn. That’s it… learn. You must learn from failure. Embrace it. Accept it. Learn from it. I have literally owned five businesses that have failed before I began Bayless Enterprises and Bayless Bookkeeping with my wife. We are presently running two successful businesses which is awesome, but again I watched five fail… and that doesn’t even include the multiple that I had friends and colleagues trying to launch. I had multiple people approach me with good ideas and wanted to get some things going. Ultimately things fizzled, and we went our separate ways for one reason or another.

Let’s tackle the concept of ‘Owning Your Failures’. What do I mean by that?

You must take responsibility for your failures. You are responsible… you own them. People tend to want to absolve themselves of the responsibility of shortcomings or failures… This happens in both life and business, and in both it is problematic.

When it comes to your business, you must be in more control… This is your business, your company… You are responsible for all that happens. Too many try to run from this because they don’t want to be responsible for the failures; this is not the path for them… You can’t handle responsibility, you are not meant to be an entrepreneur. You can’t face the potential and sometimes inevitable failure; you aren’t an entrepreneur. Get it together and find a new path.

For those still with me, step up already and take responsibility. All of it falls on you regardless…

View this from the proper perspective; this empowers you to be in control. When you are responsible, you have the power and ability to make changes. With the power to change, you can take the company in new directions. You learn, grow, and make changes.

Do not fear failure; it happens. Own your failures, so you stay in control of your business.

This is your business… your company… be in control… own it… Get Cocky.

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