Are you truly in this?… or does it just sound like a good idea to be your own boss?

Truth is, of course it sounds good to be your own boss, but sounding good isn’t enough. Being an entrepreneur is not easy; it is a huge undertaking. You must be prepared to give all you’ve got into this. Are you ready for that?

If you’re not absolutely 100 and ready to give it your all, then it is only going to cause you more problems.

Same thing applies when it is a new idea that has been brought to you or one you’ve discovered. No matter how good it may sound, do not get involved unless it is something you truly have a desire to be involved with. You will lack the drive that is needed, and the business or project will ultimately suffer and in turn so will you.

I am an experienced entrepreneur that knows a few things about getting a business off the ground and running a successful business… and I will be the first to tell you that there are so many other experienced business coaches and entrepreneurs out there. Many of them teach similar principles to the ones I teach and many of them would teach you differently. Ultimately it doesn’t matter… what none of them can teach is passion and desire. No one can teach you to be passionate about your work or teach you to have a desire for something… Desire is something that is engrained in who you are… If this isn’t for you, it doesn’t matter how many blogs you read, books you acquire on your shelf or seminars you attend… We can’t teach you to desire your business. Either you do or you don’t.

You got to figure that one out for yourself and be sure you are on the right path. Do not waste time and money chasing the wrong unicorn.

We are all capable of learning so much but not desire… I can’t stress that enough… Know yourself, know your limits, know where you are going and where you should be… Don’t get in over your head in something you don’t want to be doing. There are many people who claim to be entrepreneurs who have yet to accomplish anything and many who call themselves entrepreneurs but don’t really have any passion for it. If it isn’t for you, find what is.

If you are going to be an entrepreneur… I mean a real entrepreneur than you have to commit fully. You’ve got to go all in with all you’ve got.

Again I leave you with two words… Get Cocky.

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