We have all made different choices in life, and you will not hear me claim that one is better than the other or that one is ‘right’ when it comes to life choices…

Some have chosen to get started building their company when they were younger and before they had a family… they have the freedom to be on the hustle for fourteen hours a day and get it done. They can better take advantage of their opportunities without having to give thought to other things…their friends and family will support them and understand the time they must stay moving and grinding because of the business they are growing.

Now some of us started a family young or just realized we wanted to own our own business later in life. Now, whatever your path (trust me, they are all different and there isn’t a right way…although there are some wrong ways) there is a way to make it work and get your business going. The biggest obstacle that you may face oddly enough is balance… You need to remember that although you are doing something big for your family by developing this company, you can not neglect time with them to get where you’re going. This can be incredibly difficult.

You are going to feel at times that you just need a little more time to get this one thing done; before you know it, someone else is trying to contact you; a client, customer, investor, contractor. That ‘little more time’ turned into a lot more. You are going to have to be able to set proper boundaries and hold firm to them, so others don’t monopolize your time. Not only is it the right thing to do to continue to be available to your family because your family needs you, you will also need their support in order to get where you’re going. Y’all are a family and must work together to develop this company and grow it to the level you desire.

No matter how much you try to prepare for this, it will inevitably get away from you. You’re human and it happens. Even when you are working for someone else, it is easy to get wrapped up in something and miss a little family time… It is even harder to prevent that from happening when it is your company, and you are working diligently to grow it. You must keep things in perspective and be know now at times you will get lost in your work. Be aware of this and never stop making efforts to be present for your family. You will get lost in work from time to time but be sure they know your situation and know what you’re working towards.

If you make efforts to keep the family involved and in the know of what is going on, they can be more understanding and less likely to feel as though they have been pushed aside for your new business venture. You never want them to feel that your ambition is priority over them, and you never want to get to the point that you feel they are in the way of your ambition…. Communication is key.

Be sure to communicate your goals and expectations while including some time designated for the fam… You need to control this delicate balance. They will help you thrive and you will reach the heights you desperately seek.

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