In the business of running your own company, you must remember that everything rests on your shoulders. When you are developing your company, there is only you. As your company grows and thrives, there may be more than just you, but it will always rest on you. You are responsible for everything that is happening in your company and everything that others do on behalf of your company. You must keep these things in perspective when you put others in a position responsible for getting things done… you are still responsible for them and for what they accomplish.

This is your business… this is your future and know that the things that will be thrown at you or sometimes dropped right on top of you may not be easily predictable. You will try to prepare for the things that can and will inevitably go wrong and the obstacles you will face, but you will get surprised again and again…

No matter what you are faced with, remember there is always things to be done, moves to be made. Things may even seem bleak at some points… I have owned multiple businesses that have failed… or just fizzled… some because of partnerships that went sideways, some because wrong decisions were made, and others… well that is the nature of business. There is timing and marketing… right place and right time. There are so many factors that come into play and sometimes you just can’t clearly pinpoint what has gone wrong.

You have got to be calculated in the moves you make. Be sure you know what you’re getting into, where you are going, why you’re doing it, and do you honestly believe in it. You have got to weigh all the factors that go into what you are developing. Is this a viable business? Is it the right marketplace? Do you know how to market it? Is this something you can do on your own or do you need partner or assistance getting it going or maintaining it? There are so many things that need to be contemplated.

Many people fall into an idea, or it falls into them…

Even when you feel you have given everything careful consideration, life happens, and twists and turns are bound to hit you and your business. Roll with the punches. You will get through it… Just as you contemplated all the risks and options before your company jumped off the ground, you must weigh in on all these again when problems arise, or you feel things are crumbling around you. You can’t hang it up so easily, but you mustn’t continue fighting a fight that is futile. You have got to know that you are fighting a fight worth fighting for or cut your losses at the opportune moment. If it comes to that, and you must hang it up; this isn’t the end. You move on to the next project; you live to fight another day. These things happen; do not allow them to cause discouragement as this will only stifle your productivity on your next big thing…

No matter what comes or how bad it may seem, you are in the drivers’ seat. It’s up to you if you get where you’re going.

Get Cocky. And own it…

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