You want to be an entrepreneur, you’ve got to give all you’ve got. I’ve said it before… It isn’t easy and not meant for everyone, but anyone can do it if they truly want to. If you put all you’ve got into the successful launch of a lucrative business venture now, your future will be more incredible than you could’ve imagine today.

It isn’t easy to give all you’ve got into something. You have other desires and distractions in life… if you are single, this is the perfect opportunity. If you are not yet working for yourself, you have an obligation to your job which keeps you fed and keeps the lights on. Most of those jobs are 40 hours a week which leaves 128 hours available. You need to sleep which if you average 4 hours a night, that gives you 100 hours that you can grind and hustle. If you have a job that affords you some overtime, be grateful… many do not. And that just puts a little more cash in your pockets that you can invest into your business… and that overtime may not always be there. This is something that will take time anyways… It will not be overnight. Far too many think you will post on your facebook profile that you are an entrepreneur and the money just begins to pour in; these people are sadly mistaken. It does not happen that way. Now, that 100 hours does not account for time to shower and eat. You aren’t making money while you are in the shower or shoveling groceries down your throat; it doesn’t change the fact that these are vital to your health and hygiene. I am not telling you to neglect those things… I would never neglect them. Sometimes, we get wrapped up and may forget a meal… keep snacks around (healthy nutritional snacks). Keep things with substance such as nuts, jerky, granola… whatever you feel works for you. Something to keep energy in you. While you are giving up sleep, you should not give up nutrition. That 100 hours doesn’t account for these things. Do not neglect these things but don’t bother counting them; do them fast enough you need not concern yourself with them. And the reality is that many entrepreneurs account for an 80-hour work week, so you have 20 hours which is over 2 and a half hours a day wiggle room.

The reality is that this is totally possible. It will be challenging and take the most utmost dedication, but it can happen. You just must be willing to give your all into it. If you can’t give it all, then being an entrepreneur is maybe not what you were meant to do.

If you have a family, things begin to get a little more tricky… but at the same time, you have the best possible motivators right in front of you every day. The moments you must run on fumes and balance all the things going on in your life… trying to get time with your family and build your company will be the most challenging thing you have ever tried to balance. Trust me from experience, it is not at all easy… but it will be a more exciting adventure than you could’ve ever imagined. I have my own company; my wife has her own company as well that we balance together. We have the two most amazing beautiful boys that are about the rowdiest two Texas boys you could ever imagine; they are 4 and 5 years old. While running my business from home, hanging with my boys, doing typical housework and chores, running errands, and just living life, I am building an empire. It is such a delicate balance, and I never stop running. I lose sleep as do many parents… haha. I am literally working on a continuous basis. I always have my phone and can grind from my phone. I am running so many programs and apps from my phone which keeps my business running and at the tip of my fingers. There are many things that I can not do as effectively without sitting down at my laptop, but I can get so much done right from my phone. I take the boys out back to play and take my laptop with me. I even set up my laptop on the kitchen counter and make dinner and get work done while cooking. Whatever it takes, I never stop my flow until those moments we sit down to have family time or when the boys ask Daddy to play. As a husband and a father, I have to take that time that they need; it is crucial for them as it is also for me. We need that. That just means I grind harder when they don’t need me. The flow is never slow… a constant sprint. There is no jog in my stride. Believe me, it is worth it. Every time I look into their eyes and see their sweet faces, I know this is for them. When I look into my smokin’ hot wife’s gorgeous eyes, I know that I’m doing this for her… for us. I know that the sleepless nights when we grind together and the exhausting days when we run the hustle together all day, that this is for our future.

When you are working another job and trying to make this happen, you will never know the pleasure of hanging it up and letting your supervisor know that it is time for you to go off on your own. That feeling is one that is incredible, and you will appreciate all the hustling and grindin’ and the sleep lost to make this opportunity a reality.

I know from my own experiences, that all of this will be worth it. I never stop hustlin’, but I also never leave my boys. They are always with me. They are also learning from me how to do things. They soak things up like a sponge especially at such a young impressionable age. It affords me the opportunity to lead and guide them through my example at a young age to never get to the point I did. They will have better opportunities and be able to take over the empire themselves one day… or build their own if this isn’t the path for them. This brings me great joy knowing that I can do this for them.

You can do this too… if you truly want to.

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