I’m that guy… Some of you knew… Some of you saw this coming. You have been with me since the beginning; my ride or die homies. You knew the future wouldn’t be bright… It’d be electric. Sadly for some of you, you were the ones sleepin’ on your boy, Corey B. I’m that guy who’s been hustlin’ since day one. Those who’ve been here know I was hustlin’… just some thought that it was an endlessly futile hustle. They thought the grind would never pay off… Those who knew… those who believed… they are the ones who’ve rode with me and elevated me opposed to try to diminish my success. I am fully aware that I have had many getting my back and showing love from the jump. Those will never be forgotten; I will sing their praises every day as they have always sung mine.

Those sleeping need to be woke. This is the dawn of new day and new era. I am building an empire. One, the likes of which have not yet been seen. Time for you to break out a pen and a pad and get ready to learn a thing or two…or maybe even more if you’re truly ambitious.

Not being bold just speaking these things out… You need to know if you are going to trust in the advice and wisdom I spout. There is merit, drive, ambition, and experience in the endless driven cadence that I shout.

Either you’re with me or against me; either is fine. Only to you, may it matter; in the end victory will be mine.

You may see it too as many have done in the past. Although you may hesitate, skepticism never will last.

As I said, I said it before any steps were even taken, an empire was in the future. Today, I stand and continue my daily grind with an empire on the rise. Keep sleeping and the things you will miss, you’ll never get back.

Get woke and pay attention. … Never again will you make the mistake to sleep on your boy, Corey B.

I’m live and in living color… I Get Cocky all day everyday… no matter what happens, I at the end of the day, I am still Corey B., and I hold my future in m hands. Do you hold yours? If not, take control of it. It is yours to take.

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Get Cocky.

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