The great influencer and business teacher, Dan Lok, once said you cannot manage time; you can only manage your priorities. This could not be any truer, yet we don’t often think of it in this manner. We tend to rush around trying to get things done as if somehow it will make a difference that we are moving faster, that somehow there will be enough time…let me tell you, there won’t. Your time is limited. You only have sixty minutes in an hour and only twenty-four hours in the day… you’ve got deadlines and only so many days before you hit them…
The key is not to try to manage the time but to better manage your tasks… You must get a handle on the many things you have to get done. Trust me, it is so easy to lose track of what you are doing when you are trying to get done so much. Or even just get lost in one task for too long. You must manage your tasks and get control of what you need to accomplish.
If you were working for someone and paid an hourly wage, you would have tasks that need to be accomplished at certain times. It would be important to your supervisor that you met these goals on time; if not, there would be consequences.
You need to remember that although you are going to be putting so much more into your business because it is yours, and it needs you, you must keep things in perspective. You need to set goals and deadlines for yourself. You must prioritize the things that you need to get done.
This can seem overwhelming at first because you are growing a business, and everything seems to be important… start by making a list of all the things you feel need to get done this week and then begin labeling them based on the day they should be done. You have to consider their priority level in addition to the other things you want to accomplish in a given day to be most efficient in organizing them by day. Then map out your day; set an allotted amount of time for each given task… and be reasonable. Don’t give yourself too much time as you want to be productive and optimize your time… remember you are managing your tasks not your time. But you don’t want to be stingy with your time when mapping out your schedule because then when you do not accomplish a task in the allotted time, you will not only be discouraged and frustrated but in addition, you are now behind schedule. Getting behind because of your own scheduling error is a bad thing… Things are going to come up and life happens, so inevitably at some point (more than once to be honest) you will fall behind schedule. You don’t want to cause yourself more problems because you are not accurate in your scheduling from the jump.
Get it together and manage your business before it manages you.
And all in all, … two words… Get Cocky.

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