“Show me the money” … not some of the money… not most of the money… Just show it to me… Show me all of it. Last time I spoke on accountability and found myself side tracked with the complaints on society.

What is most important here is awareness of your bankroll. In business as in life, if you want success, you have got to have your eye on the prize and to get there you must be in control of the steps you are taking. First and foremost, you must manage your bankroll; you can only manage it if you are truly 100% aware of where it is all at.

People without money think those with money need to manage it while those with money think they have enough that they need not worry about it. There is a reason that so many are wealthy at one point but do not stay there. This isn’t always the case, but it happens far more often than it should.

We are talking about building a business and growing it into something great. It is crucial to your success and prosperity that you are aware of your money… all your money. There are so many programs out there that will tell you of different ways to track your money. There isn’t one way that is the right way. There are many ways; you must find the way that works for you. The key is that you can not lose accountability of even one dollar especially in the early stages of growth in your business. Pick and choose whichever program works for you or design your own but take control of your finances.

It is important that you are tracking all your business expenses, even down to the post-its. It may seem silly, but there needs to be a proper budget in place. You must have a set budget for your business which includes an amount allotted for expenses, development, marketing, overhead, etc.
You must track everything otherwise something will inevitably be left out or forgotten. That something could ultimately be what drowns you for the quarter or the period or sadly drowns your company all together.

You have to control your money not the other way around. I have seen so many begin to make serious money and lose track of their assets by frivolous spending and lack of accountability. They quickly utilize credit cards to pay for things and can easily lose track of their finances if they are not careful. I was doing contract labor for this company for a while; this guy had a company that was seriously on the rise. He was growing and cashflow was not an issue… or at least it shouldn’t have been. The problem frequently was the multiple credit cards that the company was using. He had three credit cards that were his personal cards and one credit card that was the company card. The one company card should have been enough. For many companies it is… but he would allow one employee or contractor use it for a job and more than he would have planned on being put on the card would be added to the card. Then when someone else needed to purchase something, he would easily hand out his personal card only to later try to decipher everything. He not only made things harder on himself and his bookkeeper to reconcile, but it become exceedingly more and more difficult to track his spending until it was too late, and the money had been spent. This is not where you want to find yourself, especially when your business is young and on the rise.

Take control of your money and keep it. Know where your money is and where it is going before it is gone. You should be able to have a grasp of how much you will be spending before it is spent. You make a reasonable budget which allots for a slight reasonable amount of wiggle for flexibility.

You are in charge so take charge. Be in control of your business, your finances, and ultimately your future. It’s all In your hands… it’s up to you what you do with it.

Get Cocky and Get it done.

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