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“I’m going to have so many packages to mail out every day,” Corey II sad to me the other day. It was such a proud moment.

Corey and Colton both talk to me all the time about my work which is so awesome. They are only 4 and 5 and they are interested in what Daddy is doing which to those of you who are moms and dads know that is something so special. I love that they want to know. It is a great feeling, but I also want to teach them so they will be able to make great choices with their life based on my experience and knowledge, they will not go through the things I have put myself through; they will be smarter and wiser.

The other day, I found myself amidst a great conversation with my boys. They were in the back seat and telling me about my work. So, as you may already know, one of my many business practices is a reselling business. I have three different online stores that I buy/sell and flip products all the time. My boys are very well aware of this; they have gone with me to many auctions and gone with me to buy new products and even helped package things to be shipped out. Mostly Corey has been interested, but he is older… Colton has shown interest but not on the level that Corey has.

….so, back to our conversation… They were telling me about my work… Corey was telling me how he had lots of work to do this week. I responded expressing that I had much to do as well… Corey proceeded to explain how he had all these packages to get out and so much work to do. I asked him if he would like to work with Daddy. He said, “yes.” I told him that I could teach him and Colton what I do, and they could help me. One day I could be there job. Corey responded, “I’m going to have so many packages to mail out every day.” I was so proud that he knew he could do it and although he didn’t completely process it all, he was confident in his success as well.

Truthfully, if you have gotten started building your business at an earlier stage in life, before you have a family and children, you have nothing on your plate and no excuses for not reaching great success…. But if you already have a family and children, you have something greater that you are fighting for. You are growing and developing all of this for them. They deserve you giving all you’ve got to your business… In no way am I saying to neglect time with them as that is crucially vital. But do not allow your business to suffer because of it. Dig deep, forgo sleep, rest and leisure, and fight and build this company.

Grow your business not just for you, but for them. Even if they chose to walk their own path; having seen you grow your business, will teach them discipline as well as ambition and so much more. They will learn from your actions and the way you grow with your business.

You are growing more than a business… more than an empire… You are growing a legacy to pass on to your little ones as they grow.

If you don’t believe in you, who is going to…

You have got to go all in… Whatever your station and what your status is with your business, you have to strive for more. There is always more out there for you. To truly achieve something great, you must never settle where you are.

If you ever think you are at the top of your game, you got things twisted; there is always more. There are always greater heights you can reach. You must want more… and believe for greater heights.

You also mustn’t find yourself attempting to build greatness out of one income source. The most successful and wealthy people in the world have multiple sources of income and you need to grow and adapt.

You must be wise and mindful in how you grow…. Be calculated in your decisions; do not act blindly based on emotions or false hope. Know what you are getting into but grow and diversify. We all have somewhere started; those of us reaching for greatness, are not resting there.

I have known I would be working for myself one day since I was a kid… Mom would tell me stories of how her and Dad had multiple businesses over the years. They were so amazing. I was always so proud and amazed by them and wanted to be even better having learned from their teachings. I wanted them to be proud of me.

As an adult now with a beautiful wife and beautiful children, I want them to be proud of me the way I was of Mom and Dad. Even more than proud, I want our boys to see their true potential through my success. I want them to see and know just what they can accomplish. There is nothing out of their reach.

One of their favorite Grandma stories that they have me tell them over and over quite frequently is about Grandma’s car. When I was little, about 4 or 5… Mom had this car that she liked but ultimately had some problems. At the time we lived in this trailer park community; it was nice but had these gravel driveways. I got some crayons and asked Mom for a shoe box. I drew a picture of a car and put it in the box. I told Mom I was going to collect screws and metal from outside and build her a car that she deserved to have. The awesome part is the way she responded to me… She told me that it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her, and she knew that I would build her a cool car. I collected any pieces of metal or screws or anything else like that I could find outside or anywhere and put them in my box. I never did build that car for Mom… When I was a teenager, I worked on her car a lot whenever there was anything wrong. Even though, I never actually built it, she instilled in me the confidence and belief that there was nothing that I couldn’t do. My entire life she always believed I could do anything and always reminded me of that.

If you want to grow your business beyond anything you have ever dreamed, don’t settle and don’t hold back. Give it all you’ve got.

Be audacious! Think big… I’m a good ‘ol Texas boy, I don’t know any other way… and I owe a lot of that to my Momma. She taught me that there was nothing out of my reach.


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You know me, I’m all about the hustle. You gotta grind, hustle, and Get Cocky.

But sometimes, you must take a moment to sit back and breathe…and there is no better way to take a breath than on a beautiful beach amongst some good company.

I enjoyed four days on the beach with my lovely wife and our amazing little boys…They would quickly correct me and remind me they are BIG… haha. Which was most definitely what I needed. Sometimes, we really just need to breathe and take some time away from all the hustlin’. This is something easily said, but can you really take the time and make the difference?

What I mean is… Can you get away for a moment? Take the time and breathe and really make those moments count?

It is hard to walk away from your business that you are growing, but at some point, you really need to. For your own sanity, you need a moment…

With that being said, it needs to be a productive moment.

A productive moment is one literally absent from work. You must be able to shut down and disengage for you and your family; this can be both therapeutic and refreshing.

Once you have your moment, you must return refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to hustle like never before. Those moments are critical to your sanity and to your motivation. Don’t get it twisted; those moments do not come without a cost. You earn them before you take them and pay for them when you return.

When you return to work, you can not return as though you had a day off or an extended weekend. You are an entrepreneur and growing an empire. You are building something far too large that needs your attention. When you come back rejuvenated and revived, you’ve got to come in fully joy and ready to hustle!

Now you’re back and need to capitalize on every moment.

Stay strong. Keep Hustlin’ and Get Cocky.

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If you’re not closing, you’re not earning… if you’re not earning, what are you doing?

No matter what it is that you are doing, you’ve got to be closing. Making the next big sale, the next big deal, the next investment.

Today’s society, with the facebook profiles, twitter, and Instagram accounts anyone can label themselves and entrepreneur, but they’ve got no idea what it really means. You do not want to be one of these phony people who claim status that they can not back up. If you’re not closing, then you’re not an entrepreneur. You want something valid and real… so get yours and make it count.

These sound like harsh words, but they’re legit. Truth is that if you’re not closing, you’re not an entrepreneur. You don’t to have a label, you want to build something real… labels are for suckers. Don’t let ‘e m fool you. Do you want to be an “entrepreneur” that has an empty bank account and no deals in the works or a closer who is sitting on fat stacks? …Don’t answer that… You shouldn’t have to… and if you’re reading this blog, I know you’re real and you’re with me.

Let’s get it going, get it done, and own it.

There is no time to be wasted. You have got to step up your game. If you already have your business, let’s make it legit and grow it bigger. If you are sitting on a dream, let’s bring that to fruition and then go home and dream bigger.

If you just have a desire to develop a business for yourself but have yet to figure out what to do or how to do it, let’s talk.

I can help you get there… but you must want to get there. I can’t put the passion and drive in you. If you got it, I can help you to develop the ideas and the details.

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Let’s do this already…. It’s time to Get Cocky.

You want to be an entrepreneur, you’ve got to give all you’ve got. I’ve said it before… It isn’t easy and not meant for everyone, but anyone can do it if they truly want to. If you put all you’ve got into the successful launch of a lucrative business venture now, your future will be more incredible than you could’ve imagine today.

It isn’t easy to give all you’ve got into something. You have other desires and distractions in life… if you are single, this is the perfect opportunity. If you are not yet working for yourself, you have an obligation to your job which keeps you fed and keeps the lights on. Most of those jobs are 40 hours a week which leaves 128 hours available. You need to sleep which if you average 4 hours a night, that gives you 100 hours that you can grind and hustle. If you have a job that affords you some overtime, be grateful… many do not. And that just puts a little more cash in your pockets that you can invest into your business… and that overtime may not always be there. This is something that will take time anyways… It will not be overnight. Far too many think you will post on your facebook profile that you are an entrepreneur and the money just begins to pour in; these people are sadly mistaken. It does not happen that way. Now, that 100 hours does not account for time to shower and eat. You aren’t making money while you are in the shower or shoveling groceries down your throat; it doesn’t change the fact that these are vital to your health and hygiene. I am not telling you to neglect those things… I would never neglect them. Sometimes, we get wrapped up and may forget a meal… keep snacks around (healthy nutritional snacks). Keep things with substance such as nuts, jerky, granola… whatever you feel works for you. Something to keep energy in you. While you are giving up sleep, you should not give up nutrition. That 100 hours doesn’t account for these things. Do not neglect these things but don’t bother counting them; do them fast enough you need not concern yourself with them. And the reality is that many entrepreneurs account for an 80-hour work week, so you have 20 hours which is over 2 and a half hours a day wiggle room.

The reality is that this is totally possible. It will be challenging and take the most utmost dedication, but it can happen. You just must be willing to give your all into it. If you can’t give it all, then being an entrepreneur is maybe not what you were meant to do.

If you have a family, things begin to get a little more tricky… but at the same time, you have the best possible motivators right in front of you every day. The moments you must run on fumes and balance all the things going on in your life… trying to get time with your family and build your company will be the most challenging thing you have ever tried to balance. Trust me from experience, it is not at all easy… but it will be a more exciting adventure than you could’ve ever imagined. I have my own company; my wife has her own company as well that we balance together. We have the two most amazing beautiful boys that are about the rowdiest two Texas boys you could ever imagine; they are 4 and 5 years old. While running my business from home, hanging with my boys, doing typical housework and chores, running errands, and just living life, I am building an empire. It is such a delicate balance, and I never stop running. I lose sleep as do many parents… haha. I am literally working on a continuous basis. I always have my phone and can grind from my phone. I am running so many programs and apps from my phone which keeps my business running and at the tip of my fingers. There are many things that I can not do as effectively without sitting down at my laptop, but I can get so much done right from my phone. I take the boys out back to play and take my laptop with me. I even set up my laptop on the kitchen counter and make dinner and get work done while cooking. Whatever it takes, I never stop my flow until those moments we sit down to have family time or when the boys ask Daddy to play. As a husband and a father, I have to take that time that they need; it is crucial for them as it is also for me. We need that. That just means I grind harder when they don’t need me. The flow is never slow… a constant sprint. There is no jog in my stride. Believe me, it is worth it. Every time I look into their eyes and see their sweet faces, I know this is for them. When I look into my smokin’ hot wife’s gorgeous eyes, I know that I’m doing this for her… for us. I know that the sleepless nights when we grind together and the exhausting days when we run the hustle together all day, that this is for our future.

When you are working another job and trying to make this happen, you will never know the pleasure of hanging it up and letting your supervisor know that it is time for you to go off on your own. That feeling is one that is incredible, and you will appreciate all the hustling and grindin’ and the sleep lost to make this opportunity a reality.

I know from my own experiences, that all of this will be worth it. I never stop hustlin’, but I also never leave my boys. They are always with me. They are also learning from me how to do things. They soak things up like a sponge especially at such a young impressionable age. It affords me the opportunity to lead and guide them through my example at a young age to never get to the point I did. They will have better opportunities and be able to take over the empire themselves one day… or build their own if this isn’t the path for them. This brings me great joy knowing that I can do this for them.

You can do this too… if you truly want to.

I’m that guy… Some of you knew… Some of you saw this coming. You have been with me since the beginning; my ride or die homies. You knew the future wouldn’t be bright… It’d be electric. Sadly for some of you, you were the ones sleepin’ on your boy, Corey B. I’m that guy who’s been hustlin’ since day one. Those who’ve been here know I was hustlin’… just some thought that it was an endlessly futile hustle. They thought the grind would never pay off… Those who knew… those who believed… they are the ones who’ve rode with me and elevated me opposed to try to diminish my success. I am fully aware that I have had many getting my back and showing love from the jump. Those will never be forgotten; I will sing their praises every day as they have always sung mine.

Those sleeping need to be woke. This is the dawn of new day and new era. I am building an empire. One, the likes of which have not yet been seen. Time for you to break out a pen and a pad and get ready to learn a thing or two…or maybe even more if you’re truly ambitious.

Not being bold just speaking these things out… You need to know if you are going to trust in the advice and wisdom I spout. There is merit, drive, ambition, and experience in the endless driven cadence that I shout.

Either you’re with me or against me; either is fine. Only to you, may it matter; in the end victory will be mine.

You may see it too as many have done in the past. Although you may hesitate, skepticism never will last.

As I said, I said it before any steps were even taken, an empire was in the future. Today, I stand and continue my daily grind with an empire on the rise. Keep sleeping and the things you will miss, you’ll never get back.

Get woke and pay attention. … Never again will you make the mistake to sleep on your boy, Corey B.

I’m live and in living color… I Get Cocky all day everyday… no matter what happens, I at the end of the day, I am still Corey B., and I hold my future in m hands. Do you hold yours? If not, take control of it. It is yours to take.

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Get Cocky.

“Show me the money” … not some of the money… not most of the money… Just show it to me… Show me all of it. Last time I spoke on accountability and found myself side tracked with the complaints on society.

What is most important here is awareness of your bankroll. In business as in life, if you want success, you have got to have your eye on the prize and to get there you must be in control of the steps you are taking. First and foremost, you must manage your bankroll; you can only manage it if you are truly 100% aware of where it is all at.

People without money think those with money need to manage it while those with money think they have enough that they need not worry about it. There is a reason that so many are wealthy at one point but do not stay there. This isn’t always the case, but it happens far more often than it should.

We are talking about building a business and growing it into something great. It is crucial to your success and prosperity that you are aware of your money… all your money. There are so many programs out there that will tell you of different ways to track your money. There isn’t one way that is the right way. There are many ways; you must find the way that works for you. The key is that you can not lose accountability of even one dollar especially in the early stages of growth in your business. Pick and choose whichever program works for you or design your own but take control of your finances.

It is important that you are tracking all your business expenses, even down to the post-its. It may seem silly, but there needs to be a proper budget in place. You must have a set budget for your business which includes an amount allotted for expenses, development, marketing, overhead, etc.
You must track everything otherwise something will inevitably be left out or forgotten. That something could ultimately be what drowns you for the quarter or the period or sadly drowns your company all together.

You have to control your money not the other way around. I have seen so many begin to make serious money and lose track of their assets by frivolous spending and lack of accountability. They quickly utilize credit cards to pay for things and can easily lose track of their finances if they are not careful. I was doing contract labor for this company for a while; this guy had a company that was seriously on the rise. He was growing and cashflow was not an issue… or at least it shouldn’t have been. The problem frequently was the multiple credit cards that the company was using. He had three credit cards that were his personal cards and one credit card that was the company card. The one company card should have been enough. For many companies it is… but he would allow one employee or contractor use it for a job and more than he would have planned on being put on the card would be added to the card. Then when someone else needed to purchase something, he would easily hand out his personal card only to later try to decipher everything. He not only made things harder on himself and his bookkeeper to reconcile, but it become exceedingly more and more difficult to track his spending until it was too late, and the money had been spent. This is not where you want to find yourself, especially when your business is young and on the rise.

Take control of your money and keep it. Know where your money is and where it is going before it is gone. You should be able to have a grasp of how much you will be spending before it is spent. You make a reasonable budget which allots for a slight reasonable amount of wiggle for flexibility.

You are in charge so take charge. Be in control of your business, your finances, and ultimately your future. It’s all In your hands… it’s up to you what you do with it.

Get Cocky and Get it done.

A good majority of our nation right now is struggling with money. They live paycheck to paycheck or even worse. Unfortunately, many live this way that do not have to.

There is so much money in our society and endless opportunity that so many are not tapping into for whatever reason. Do not allow money to hold you back or you will never get anywhere. Most of us were not born with our pockets full.

A large part of the problem is accountability. Many of those who struggle with finances are not accountable for their finances; either they do not hold themselves accountable and no one else does, or they just feel no obligation to manage their money. I truly believe that this is the biggest problem. So many people who find themselves on the lower end of middle class will tell you that wages are the problem in our society… I will be the first to say that this is far from the real problem. Yes, minimum wage is not desirable to make a true living off and support a family… but it isn’t intended for that. Minimum wage is intended for high school students to put cash in their pockets and learn a little responsibility. There are too many young people getting married right out of high school or even worse, before they get out of high school. They are having babies while they are still babies. This is getting so extremely out of hand. These children are not ready for the real world. That is what that first after school job is for, to help you prepare for the real world; taking orders, following instructions, managing money, paying for gas… all the little things that adults should be able to do without problems arising. At some point if you work hard and get to the level you desire, you will no longer be taking orders and you will be giving them… but that isn’t for everyone.

Okay… I have gotten off on a bit of a tangent… truth is that society is not the problem. The people in this society need to take responsibility for themselves. Sadly you hear these things shouted by the rich and wealthy everyday and they are not taken seriously because how could they understand. Kanye West is criticized regularly because he is very outspoken and he believes that so many suffering choose to stay and suffer… form those in slaved, impoverished, and just the lower middle class…. It is odd to see these all in the same sentence, but it is relevant in this conversation. It isn’t about the level of suffering, it is about the suffering. You will hear from many in the lower middle class about their extreme level of discomfort although the mass majority of them do not know suffering on that level. You would think they were starving the way the whine and complain about how society should change and be doing more to help them. It isn’t society that should change, it is them. They can make the difference. First, whether people like to admit it or not, society is made up of us… that’s right… us… And ‘Us’ includes all those who are complaining about ‘Us’. Get involved and make a difference in society instead of sitting back and complaining about it. Those actually involved do not often complain; they see the little changes that they are making and they know that there is more to come. It is the ones who are doing nothing that is actually valid at all; those are the ones complaining. They sit back and complain about a society that will not save them while they will do nothing to save themselves and will do nothing to aid the society in its progress. It is beyond ridiculous.

Again, I am finding myself off on another tangent as this is just something that has always bothered me. I was living on my own at 17 years old. I fought for every inch I ever got. I am not one of the Kanye’s of the world and I am saying while I do not agree with all of his thoughts, I do agree that many people choose to do nothing to change their status in life. They whine and complain and kick and scream… try making the change yourself. That is what this country is all about. You want things different, make them different. I lived just fine off of minimum wage and had a child when I was far too young to have one and was not ready for it… I didn’t cry and whine and ask the government or society to take care of me… I got out there and got another job and worked hard to get promoted at the job I was already working. I worked at Taco Bell and Burger King to provide for my daughter. A year or so later, I was working three jobs. I worked as a cook at Jim’s diner in the evenings and was a shift manager by this time at Taco Bell and was a bar back at the night club EastWood 2000 which. This was bringing me a good amount of money in. I still wasn’t in the best financial place because at that time, I had yet to figure out how to handle money. I could make money, but it flew out the door. Later, I got myself back into school, finished my diploma via correspondence school through the mail; I took all my high school courses over again rather than transferring any of them because I wanted to do better this time. I got my diploma and took my SATs and got myself registered at ACC and eventually got into the University of Texas. I did all of this while building and developing my first business. I can do it and so can the rest of you. It isn’t society’s fault… I am a part of the same society and I didn’t need you all to bail me out and I don’t want to bail you out. I would rather teach you the skills that you have somehow never attained and aid you in getting where you are going. I am not giving you a fish… let’s go fishing. Are you with me… sadly, there are so many that are saying, “no, someone else will give me a fish.” If you are one of the many would like some help becoming more successful and finding financial freedom, be sure to click the button to the left and follow my blog. I want to help you get where you are going and find the freedom and independence you desire.

So, the place where I started was accountability… and let’s get back there. You need to be aware of your money. You must know what is coming in, when it is coming, and where it will be going. If you are not accountable for your cashflow, it will get away from you and you won’t know why. Take control today and stop allowing this to happen to your finances. You can gain and lose everything simply by money management. If you manage things properly, you can grow your business or your personal finances to great heights while mismanagement can leave everything you have in ruins.

I am going to get more into accountability next time. I just felt compelled to touch on some other things today, so I had to get them off my chest.

Sometimes we need to be reminded the proper perspective that is needed to achieve the success we desire. You are launching and running your own company. You are growing into a great entrepreneur… This is not a job… This is not a career. This is a lifestyle.

You must eat, sleep, think… your business. You must give it your all. You’ve got to put everything you’ve got into growing your business. There is no time to waste.

Late evening, you need to be contemplating your next move; what is it you need to work on tomorrow, what new directions should you be growing, where you should be investing time and capital. Sit back, ask yourself these questions, and find answers. Know what your mission is. Now that you know, pour yourself a drink; you’ve earned it. And marinate on your plans; us Texas boys know everything is better once its marinated. Then grab a few winks… you can’t afford to sleep long. Remember, “money never sleeps.”

When the alarm goes off, your feet hit the ground ready to run; lace your J’s and let’s get cocky. You should already have a list from last night with a rundown of the game plan; you need to be sure it is prioritized appropriately. Then get it going. Get your cashflow going where it needs to go; that always needs to be of the highest priority. If you don’t know where your money is and where it is going, you won’t be able to make calculated moves throughout the day. Be sure you know what you can invest where and how much you have designated for marketing and be sure that money is already on its way where it’s going.

Now start closing. This applies to whatever type of business you are running. If you are in sales, start selling… make your calls, send your emails, market your product. If you in investments, get out there and find the big fish. If you do consulting or copywriting, you‘ve got to market yourself. Marketing yourself is a never-ending task. It becomes a part of all you do. Truth is when you are running your own business, building your company you are always marketing yourself. Even when you are marketing a product, you are the face… you are the name… this business is you, and you are the business.

Throughout the day, no matter what tasks you are working on, you need to remember that all that you do reflects on your business.

Remember if you are going to be an entrepreneur, it isn’t a job. It also isn’t a career. It is a lifestyle. Fully commit yourself and believe it and live it. Get cocky.

What is the ultimate goal? Have you truly given it the necessary thought? What are you putting into your business?
These are questions that need immediate addressing. You must know where you are going and what you’re doing.

I know what I’m in and where it’s all going. I am not simply running my own business… I have a plethora of projects and operations I have going on presently… I am building an empire. I will settle for nothing less.

Be prepared for your future and know what that future is. Create your own fate.
Decide where it is all going and begin speaking it… to your friends and family… blast it all over social media. This isn’t one of those ‘be positive and just speak it into existence’ situations. What I am referring to is accountability. You start telling everyone and speaking it over and over again… Well, now you’ve got to follow through with it. No excuses or backing down. You spoke it… make it happen. People will begin to check in on you, reminding you that you’re not yet there or giving you that confirmation that you’re on the right track. Make your vision a reality, and then make that reality grow.

There is a reason that not everyone runs their own business and works for themselves… This is America, the land of the free… the land of opportunity… No one is prohibited from doing this, but not everyone is cut out for it. Don’t be one of the many who think they are; know that you are. You can’t go into this halfcocked. You must know and believe in your goals and your mission. Set the standard for what you’re doing, how you will get it done, and then exceed that and then some. If you want to reach the true heights of your potential, you’ve got to be all in. You must fully commit.

Put no limits on the time in which you are going to put into your work; break down any boundaries that may stand in the way of your success. Know now that your future is in your hands and let no one tell you otherwise. You have got to be in control and be the driving force that carries your business to that next level. Let nothing stand in the way and get it done already.

I want to be able to help you reach your potential and get the success you’ve always dreamed of. You are capable of building something great… if you are willing to put in the work.

So, step it up… Get Cocky…

If I am going to help you, all I want is everything you’ve got.