Sometimes we need to be reminded the proper perspective that is needed to achieve the success we desire. You are launching and running your own company. You are growing into a great entrepreneur… This is not a job… This is not a career. This is a lifestyle.

You must eat, sleep, think… your business. You must give it your all. You’ve got to put everything you’ve got into growing your business. There is no time to waste.

Late evening, you need to be contemplating your next move; what is it you need to work on tomorrow, what new directions should you be growing, where you should be investing time and capital. Sit back, ask yourself these questions, and find answers. Know what your mission is. Now that you know, pour yourself a drink; you’ve earned it. And marinate on your plans; us Texas boys know everything is better once its marinated. Then grab a few winks… you can’t afford to sleep long. Remember, “money never sleeps.”

When the alarm goes off, your feet hit the ground ready to run; lace your J’s and let’s get cocky. You should already have a list from last night with a rundown of the game plan; you need to be sure it is prioritized appropriately. Then get it going. Get your cashflow going where it needs to go; that always needs to be of the highest priority. If you don’t know where your money is and where it is going, you won’t be able to make calculated moves throughout the day. Be sure you know what you can invest where and how much you have designated for marketing and be sure that money is already on its way where it’s going.

Now start closing. This applies to whatever type of business you are running. If you are in sales, start selling… make your calls, send your emails, market your product. If you in investments, get out there and find the big fish. If you do consulting or copywriting, you‘ve got to market yourself. Marketing yourself is a never-ending task. It becomes a part of all you do. Truth is when you are running your own business, building your company you are always marketing yourself. Even when you are marketing a product, you are the face… you are the name… this business is you, and you are the business.

Throughout the day, no matter what tasks you are working on, you need to remember that all that you do reflects on your business.

Remember if you are going to be an entrepreneur, it isn’t a job. It also isn’t a career. It is a lifestyle. Fully commit yourself and believe it and live it. Get cocky.

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